Why does playback stop when i remove a track from library?

If you remove the now playing track(or album) how would you expect it to keep playing?
Sorry maybe I am misunderstanding something here but it sounds like perfectly normal behavior to myself.


Roon treats streaming content the same as your own library of say ripped CD.

I do see what you mean though.

Maybe there is already a feature suggestion for this type of request.

Try a search through the #feedback:feature-suggestions section and see if anything matches your desire and if so vote for it.

Some users might not agree. Make a feature request. Everybody has their own ideas about how things should work.

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Hi Tom,

I also get your point, however, Roon will almost certainly argue it’s working as designed, thus if you want to suggest a change then #feedback:feature-suggestions is the place to do so.

Even though they don’t post much the product team do monitor that forum category.

Arguing about semantics, is a fruitless pastime … been there got the tee shirt.

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