Why does Roon have problems identifying multidisk albums?

When I imported my library into Roon, I noticed something weird. Every multi-disk album I had was listed as “Unidentified” and I had to manually match the album. Every single one, and I have such obscure titles as The Beatles’ White Album and Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Seriously? Your software had problems identifying The White Album? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And, when I matched my tracks to the White Album release I had (the 2009 remasters), each track had in parentheses “(2018 Remix).” How does the 2009 release of an album have the 2018 remix?

Roon is only as good as it’s 3rd party data !!!

I also ran into this and recently fixed a few and left some others alone. This KB article and some testing got me on the right path. Not a direct answer to your question but maybe gives you some ideas if you wanted to move things around on the file system to help Roon out.

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I guess that makes sense. I renumbered my multi-disc albums because a lot of other music players I’ve used are so brain dead they will play both track 1’s then both track 2’s.