Why does Roon only show 66 of my 516 Artists?

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Why does Roon only show 66 of my 516 Artists?

Please fill in the support template fully, it is there for a purpose. It is not possible to answer your question without further information.

Do you have a Focus activated?

If not Focus like Placebophile said, maybe you have the heart icon clicked, next to it? Or is there something entered in the filter funnel, further to the right?

How do you know you have exactly 516 artists if Roon does not show them all? Screenshots of what you are seeing would help.

Does Roon identity all of them but doesn’t show them or they are absent full stop in Roons count?

Are you referring to the library section or Tidal or Qobuz sections as those views are limited for all items for some reason. They are just a quick window in your best using the main library area as all the music will be there from streaming or local files.

Ensure you don’t have a specific focus filter set the will be limiting the view.

Hi @Philip_sims ,

The most likely cause of this is if you are using the Focus feature, as others have noted. Have you checked to make sure you are not filtering anything in Roon? Did that resolve the issue?

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