Why does Roon put a "Classical" genre on Broadway cast albums? Can't get rid of them

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I’ve just imported a huge collection of Broadway cast albums and most of them have a “Classical” genre tag from Roon. When I to go My Library > Albums > Focus and choose “Classical”, all the Broadway albums are mixed in with my actual Classical albums.

I have edited a bunch of albums and while I can’t delete the “Classical” genre tag, I can click on it so that it turns red and has a minus sign instead of a plus sign. My first thought was that doing so would make them disappear from the classical genre but no. They still show up.

How can I get “Mamma Mia!” and “Little Shop of Horrors” (and several hundred others) cast albums to not show up as Classical?

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

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Hi @Brooks_Graham and welcome to the forum.

Please let me try to explain the likely reason why this happens.
Genres are hierarchically organized. If you have, as an example, an album tagged with Classical and Film Score, then removing Classical will not work because Film Score is a subgenre of Classical. To get rid of Classical you would have to delete Film Score and all other subgenres of Classical that might be present.

You should be able to browse your current genre hierarchy using the Genres browser from Roon’s main menu. Are there some of the genres for the album(s) in question showing up under Classical (scroll all the way down for subgenres)? Does this explain the behavior you see?

Now to the interesting part. When I check what looks like the best match for the album from your screenshot on AllMusic, the genres and styles there seem to match what can be seen from your screenshot and none of them are part of the current Classical hierarchy of AllMusic.
Remembering past discussions about the same issue as the one at hand, I’m pretty sure that in the past Stage & Screen and or Musical were part of Classical - so it looks to me like TiVo / Rovi Corp changed their hierarchy.
So why do you (still) see what seem to be outdated content? Did you change the import settings for genres maybe? If not, could a re-identification of the album possibly force an update of the genre hierarchy in Roon? Is Roon’s own metadata service still using the old hierarchy? Will the automatic metadata updates that happen in the background possibly correct the issue given enough time to run over all of users content?

Greetings from just another Roon user.

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That is it! Thank you for the clear explanation. I moved “Show/Musical” from under “Classical” to be a sub-genre of “Stage & Screen” and it all is behaving like I would expect.

Having a bit of an education in music, my definition of Classical includes the periods of Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. Not Broadway musicals. Others may have different views. It’s all good.

Thanks again! Sanity restored. :wink:

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As an aside , the Classical Tag also triggers the Focus tool at the Album level to show Composer and Composition

If it’s missing say on a box set it’s worth adding to get that functionality

Happy listening

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