Why does Roon search not show the albums or songs even though they are on Qobuz or Tidal?

The search results on the Roon are a bit strange. It doesn’t show the results that I get otherwise on Qobuz or Tidal standalone apps. There are instances where it says ‘title not found’ even when there is this title on Tidal or Qobuz (I double checked for typos or misspells). In addition, is there a way to know if the result I am getting on search is from Qobuz or Tidal when I have account from both linked to ROON?

Hi George and welcome,

There have been quite a few threads about this.
Roon search is getting better all the time but it’s still far from perfect.
I’ve found sometimes, for example, if I search for an album that I know is on Tidal or Qobuz and I don’t type the album name exactly Roon won’t find it.
Particularly if the album title has, say, 3 words in it and I only type 2 Roon doesn’t find it.
Or if it’s -Album Name- (Remastered)
And I don’t type (Remastered) it’s not found.
This doesn’t happen continuously. It’s hit or miss.
Sometimes it will find the album if I type one word of the title. :woman_shrugging:

For the last part of your question if you hit “Enter” after filling in the search field you’ll see results with badge icons indicating the source.

You might have to enable the badges in Settings>General>Customize Album Display.
These settings are specific to each Remote device you’re using.

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Thank you @Placebophile for the detailed info with screenshots and help. I understand and the it really helps. Looking forward to have those optimisations on the search engine for that smooth UX down the line :slight_smile:

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Just for info …

Search has recently been moved to the Roon cloud services to allow for bigger and better tech (Hence the references to “Internet always On” debates you may come across here). Roon employed a while back a Search specific expert developer.

As with anything in Roon there are more than one way to get where you want to get . If you give us some definitive examples and details of your systems (for example are you using local files or streaming etc), there will be many hints and tips on how to do things

Maybe read the KB about Focus and Filter

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