Why does Roon stop if I insert or remove a USB drive

I have Roon running on my Mac. I am using it to stream Qobuz audio to a MOTU M4 audio interface. Works nice.

However, if I insert (or remove) a USB flash drive into my hub, Roon immediately stops.


Hey @David_Jameson,

Thanks so much for getting in touch about this — we’re sorry you’re experiencing music interruptions when using a USB flash with your Mac.

Does this happen every time? Next time you try this, would you please check your CPU usage and see if there are any changes to normal use?

What to you mean by “hub” ? Is this the MAC or some other peripheral device ?

Standard powered USB hub. However, I just tried it with the audio application that my company sells (though inserting/removing a flash drive is not something our customers would normally do) and encountered the same problem.
So this issue, albeit real, is nothing to do with the Roon.

I’m not sure why audio would be interrupted by simply plugging in a USB flash drive - but now I am suspecting the audio interface.

My apologies…not a Roon issue.

Thanks for confirming. Sounds like the audio and USB share a resource.