Why does ROON stop when a member of a group is turned on or off

I’m confused about why ROON stops playing when a member of a group is turned on or off. Why does the CORE care if an individual endpoint appears or disappears?
Setup -
Core is ROCK running on an Intel NUC D54250WYKLH - i5 processor, 16GB RAM, 64GB primary SSD, 480GB secondary SSD with the CDs on it.
Endpoint 1) mac mini 2009 - dedicated ROON endpoint
Endpoint 2) mac mini 2011 - cinema system
Endpoint 3) mac pro Late 2013 - office computer

The endpoints are basically distributed throughout my house so I have them all in one group so the same music is playing everywhere.

But when I turn one of the endpoints on or off, all the others stop playing. I don’t understand why the Core stops transmitting.

I have ROON running on my iPhone as a remote. Launching or killing the app does not cause ROON to stop.

Can anyone explain the logic behind this behaviour? Is there anything I can do to mitigate it?

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