Why does the number of albums on the homepage and album page differ?

Interesting, homepage shows 16755 albums but when i click the album tab to go into the album tab it says there are only 13048 albums displayed. Can i find out more and if this is normal? Lost more than 3000 albums it seems


Hi @Ian_Fok,

The difference is likely that there are hidden albums (oftentimes duplicate versions that are automatically hidden) that don’t appear on the Album browser. You can go to Settings > General and set Show Hidden Tracks and Albums to Yes and then these albums will show up on the Album browser.

Whichever figure is correct, that’s a lot of albums!

haha yup havent listened to most of it since i just added them in over the last 1 month . there is a shop around the corner from me thats going out of business and i just copied one after another …next thing i knew i had another 9000 albums in the library! this will take up a lot of time to listen to and enjoy for sure:-)

Wow. That means you were ripping 300 CDs a day. That would be 20 per hour assuming you spent 8 hours per day sleeping or doing something else. :wink:

was using dbpoweramp batch ripper and had 17 drives going all at the same time so quite efficient at ripping :slight_smile: what i didnt realise when i started was this shop actually also bought out the cd collection of another shop that closed up few years ago so i ended up getting 2 large collections. lots of artists i have never ever seen before + the staples ; quite amazing an opportunity to learn more about music , explore and discover


Got it. I too am a dbpa user. But one drive at a time.

For reasons that aren’t always clear to me, Roon will sometimes split an album into two albums. It often appears to me that since all of the songs are located in a single folder with consistent metadata, it should have kept it together as a single album. But obviously Roon thinks it’s two separate albums. Merging the two back into one from the GUI isn’t hard to do but until you do, that can throw your album count off as well.

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