Why doesn't it play the next song?

When I’m playing tracks from in an Album, why doesn’t it play THE NEXT track after it has finished? And instead starts playing something I don’t know where it’s from? Obviously I’m missing something as to the way Roon apparently works. Please help, and I thank you.

It does that because Roon works on the PlayQueue system, so it will only play the whole album if you start from track 1. If not, it thinks you just want the 1 song and then starts in Radio mode once your queue is empty.

Some others have asked the same, personally I’m fine with it because for the most part I play full albums. Hope this makes some sense, I’m sure other could explain it better than I just did.

Hi @dancremeans – thanks for the question! Everything you play in Roon goes into the Queue, which you can access by clicking along the bottom part of the app (where we show the currently playing track).

If you click Play Album the whole album will be added to the queue. If you click a single song, or select a few songs by right-clicking them, they will be added to the queue as well. This makes it easy to queue up a few albums or songs without creating a playlist.

If you have Roon’s Automatically Start Radio feature turned on, similar songs will start playing whenever the selections in your queue run out. You can turn this feature off if you’d like, but right now we don’t automatically add the rest of an album to the queue when you play a single song.

A number of users have asked for “play from here” type functionality – meaning, more like an iPod than a jukebox. We’re considering some changes for the future, but for now you can read the discussion here.

Thanks for explaining that. I get what you’re trying to do. Maybe this is better, let me try it out and see how it goes now that I now how it works.