Why doesn't roon have a procedure to repair the library?

Every database in the world has some kind of software that can repair a damaged database.
Yes, in the repair process you can lose some records, but you still have a working library.
We invest years of work to manage our libraries.
Please, please, please, provide us with a repair software!
Or explain us why it is impossible to write said software.


Personnally, I think Roon should eat their socks and acknowledge that they should have handled the backup integrity problem right from the start. I just do not accept the way Roon simply hides under the carpet here, like a dog caught in a bad action. The tail of the dog can be seen here. Roon, you should have done much much better!

I’m curious what they changed from 880 to 882 to suddenly make all/most/some of the corrupt databases go away. Did they simply turn-off the integrity check? And, if not, was the corrupt database a false flag for some other reason, and will we ever know?

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Jim Based on comments in other threads, some of this was not corrupted databases as Roon first thought, but missing DotNet files that were not included in older releases like Windows 7 & 8.

Beyond that it was not explained.
Some people did do a restore, but many systems just worked after having the changes for build 882 installed.

Sadly some are still corrupted and may never be recovered

Corrupt DB is a too well known issue. No one knows if roon’s engineers will provide a solution in the future and there is little transparency in the way they are addressing it with their customers.

Under these unfortunate circumstances, the only practical workaround is to avoid by all means to customise metadata in roon. That should be done in the local files exclusively. At least your metadata will stay safe even if your roon DB and backups get corrupt.


Another workaround would be to submit metadata changes to Musicbrainz. That has the advantage that the corrected data would be available to everyone, including Roon Labs. So if ever our databases needed to be rebuilt, the corrected metadata would come from Roon Labs directly.

However, both workarounds still don’t address the issue of lost Playlists or personal listening history, as far as I know.

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