Why doesn't Roon show my metadata preferences?

I sometimes use the album editor to change my metadata preferences. Why are they always blank when I open the editor the next time?

Even when my chosen metadata preferences take effect, those choices are never shown the next time I open the editor. I always figured this was how the designers intended things to work. But then I saw some other posts in which the selections are displayed. Why are mine not? The editor always shows nothing selected.

The screen that you see with the selections displayed is not this one - it’s the Import Settings screen (Settings > Library > Import settings).

This Metadata Preference tab in the Album editor is working as designed - the default is not to have any preferences set. You set the preferences you want, and clicking Save sets these preferences for the selected albums.

Hi Geoff. Yes, I see now that the selections are indeed displayed on the Import Settings screen, as expected.

Not to quibble, but since the Album Editor screen has exactly the same layout design as Import Settings, a user might reasonably expect their selections to “stick” - and be subsequently displayed - in the same way. (Even though the default is to not to have any preferences set initially.)

That won’t happen as the same screen is also there to set preferences for a multi album selection where the different albums may or may not have the same preferences set.
I personally think it’s best to ignore that screen altogether unless you actually work with a multi-selection. For single album edits, the album editor edit albums, where you can set the same preferences, is much better as it shows you more detailed information about the source and value of current and changed settings.


Not sure what you mean; I was indeed talking about the album editor. Moreover, my album is a single album and so multi-album preferences are not the issue here.


multi album selects (more than one):

What I meant was, don’t use this screen

because on that one

you can do the same but with better information. For example, that there is no “Prefer file?” for “PRIMARY ARTIST LINKS”

or this informative text that I saw on another album of mine