Why doesn't the Daily Mix pre-selected playlist choose tracks from your library as default?

It seems peculiar to me that the Daily mix only seems to choose tracks from Qobuz, even when I have the album in my library! Can this be fixed so that the default is library selection and then Qobuz or other streaming service tracks when they are not contained within your library? The reason being is that the music served from my music server, sounds better to me! Also, I may have a higher res version!

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It doesn’t work for local + streaming users, and I still can’t see why it can’t choose the local version to play rather than the Qobuz version. There’s no logic here at all and from a technical standpoint, I thought it would be easy for Roon to know there’s a local version in my library and default to that. This function isn’t not much use to me as it stands - if I had no Internet connection, would I see any Daily Mix recommendations at all?

If you had no Internet connection, no of course you wouldn’t see them.

I still can’t understand if it selects a title in my library it can’t default to select the local version rather than the Qobuz version if there is a match.

Same reason Radio doesn’t, it’s not meant to by design. Not saying it shouldn’t but it’s not the way they have built Valance features.