Why has "Feature Request" subcategory in the Software section gone away?

A couple of days ago I noticed that the sub-categories in the Roon Software Discussion" section now no longer include “Feature Request” (or was it “Feature Suggestion”, I forget?). Those sub-categories currently, as I type this, read “Software Release Notes - Translations - Apple iPad and iPhone …” whereas a few days ago it was “Software Release Notes - Feature Requests - Translations - Apple iPad and iPhone …”.

What’s going on? Is this just a glitch with the forum software or has Roon changed policy and decided to stop soliciting feature requests and collect (non-binding) votes as it did in the past?

It’s been moved to under the #feedback section. It’s here: #feedback:feature-suggestions

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The #feedback section threads don’t show under Latest

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Is there a reason that Feature Requests have been moved to a less prominent position?

Hey @Julian and @SukieInTheGraveyard, thanks for your questions about the Feature Requests positioning. I’m happy to clarify.

We’ve discussed ways to improve Community and have kicked around some restructuring ideas. The Feedback category is the first one we’ve introduced so far.

We wanted to consolidate all your feedback in a single area - so it’s easier to find and engage. Previously, feedback was posted all over the forum, making it harder to keep track of customer ideas that we wanted to explore further. When we created the Feedback section, we realized that it’s a great place for Feature Suggestions - they’re an ideal fit for the space.

Roon staff and moderators frequently use the Latest tab to help triage support requests that are miscategorized. When feature requests fill the tab, it makes it more difficult to help new or aspiring Roon customers who aren’t yet familiar with Community and aren’t sure where they should post.

I hope this helps explain the change and the reasoning behind it. if I can help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks! :v:t2:


Thanks for the reply Jamie, and to Joel and Brian who pointed me to the new home for this stuff. I am reassured that these changes are all well meant and for the better but I would suggest some sort of stub or temporarily sticky post in the software section for numbskulls like me who don’t scroll down far enough to find where this has been moved to!

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