Why has Roon been sending data to and receiving data from

Core Machine

Windows 10 Version 1803, Build 17134.1130 on a computer with an Intel i7-4790K CPU, an Asus Z97 TUF motherboard with 16BG RAM and a 256GB SSD for the OS and Roon, version 1.7, build 505 stable, 64 bit. I have a lifetime license.

Network Details

The computer that runs the Roon core is wired via CAT6 cable to an Asus AC-87U Wi-Fi router that has gigabit ports. All my music is stored in a Synology DS918+ wired to the same router with CAT6 cable. I control Roon via an iPad running the latest version of the app, connected via Wi-Fi to the same router.

Audio Devices

Sonore Ultrarendu as Roon endpoint wired to the same Asus AC-87U Wi-Fi router with CAT6 cable. Output from the Ultrarendu goes to a PS Audio Directstream DAC then to the rest of my system.

Description Of Issue

I switched on the computer that runs the Roon core and ran Roon. I waited until it finished scanning my library. But afterwards, I still noticed quite a bit of network usage. I opened up Resource Monitor and saw this.

I see Roon communicating with and

Here’s a close-up.


Over a half an hour later, and an almost similar amount of data is still going back and forth. Here is a screenshot:


In case it’s relevant, I’ve got lots of albums in my Roon library. None of them are from Tidal nor Qobuz. I’ve been buying CDs since the 90s. I have already ripped most of them to lossless. They are not stored in the computer that runs the core. I put them in a Synology DS918+ NAS and have several offsite backups.


My questions are:

  1. Is it normal for Roon to be sending and receiving that much data to and from and for over half an hour?

  2. I believe is Roon. Who is


Hi @Leonard_Co,

Roon will often be doing metadata updates in the background, and this isn’t too unusual after a rescan. The amount of data will depend on a number of factors.

As for the exact IP addresses and whether or not this amount of data is expected, I’m going to check with the technical team during our meeting this week and will follow up with you when I have their input on this.

It’s Cloudflare. I believe Roon Labs use their services for some of their backend infrastructure…

It is a CloudFlare IP - https://tools.dnsstuff.com/#whois|type=ipv4&&value=

And is Google.

Tail the RoonServer.log file and you’ll see all the metadata and other requests its making, using the DNS name it is looking them up by. Roon also refreshes the status of your license on an hourly basis, if I recall the logs correctly. And even if you haven’t recently done a rescan, Roon periodically checks metadata for everything in your library in case there are updates from upstream.

In summary: this is normal behavior for Roon.

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