Why I am Getting This Screen?

Hello Friends,

I am encountering a serious issue on my computer. I was playing a online game and suddenly my computer restarted and showed this screen “Scanning and repairing drive C”. I have no idea why I am getting this kind of error. Can anyone suggest how can I able to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

[Update: I solved this issue by myself. I simply followed the solution number 4 from this article and the issue got resolved in no time.]

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Why post here?
Anyway, sssuming this isn’t trolling. Your disk has an error and is trying to fix it. Leave it alone.

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What online game?

The alternative to a disk error is that you have downloaded a virus, or rather the ‘game’ has downloaded a virus.

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Sounds like Windows ?

If Windows boots and finds an error on the boot drive in its startup checks , it will run SKNDSK (check the spelling) to do exactly what the error says

I would be more concerned about why the computer felt the need to reboot

Hate say it but @xxx may have hit it

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I think you are referring to “CHKDSK”.

If the “game” was CPU/graphic intensive it “could” have overheated the CPU or GPU, which "could’ cause file corruption. (cleaned the dust bunnies out of your computer lately?)

Of course this is just speculation, do a google search for " Why Does My Computer Run Chkdsk at Startup?" And you will find a bunch of light reading to go through.

Could be anything from malware, hard disk failure (or hard drive in the process of failing), to a badly programmed game causing issues.
Let Chkdsk, if that is what you are seeing, run through and try to fix it, then reboot, also run an intensive virus scan with your anti-virus of choice.
Depending on what the chkdsk finds (if anything) you might want to check the health of your drives (using manufacturer’s software, and possibly S.M.A.R.T. data), google it to find out more information.

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Yes my spelling never was any good :grinning: