Why I keep getting music from 'Lorde' in the Roon Radio feed?

Description of Issue

I have some of Lorde albums in my library but none are marked as favourites.

Roon radio seems to promote this artist music much more than others in my library. So much so that within some hours a Lorde track that has already been played by the radio plays again. I have around 3000 album’s in my library an ‘Valence’ is supposed to be a superb algorithm.

Am I doing something wrong? / What can I do so that Roon Radio has more variety?

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Favourites has nothing to do with Radio, it’s algorithms are based on relation to the last track you played or what your seeded it from. It takes into account what artists you have in your library that are similar or related plus what other artists Roon users may also have had or played that’s similar.

Sometimes it can get stuck though and tends to repeat the same artists tracks each session if you listen to a lot of similar music.

How long have you been using Roon? It does take some time for it to learn. Do you have subs to Qobuz or Tidal? As radio isn’t really built for local only libraries, it works, just not very well as it doesn’t have a bigger sea to trawl.

It’s more of a means to discover new music you may not have heard not necessarily a random selection of your own music, but without a streaming service it cannot do this so becomes very limited.

If you use the thumbs up thumbs down on the track pop ups in now playing it can start to learn better you do sometimes have to give it some hints. You can ban tracks to.

For some radio works well but others not so, tbh Valence isn’t as good as they bill it at all though. I have had it stuck for weeks before now. Usually it’s something their end broken in this scenario and a ticket to support is needed.

Thanks for the reply. I use 95% Qobuz. Been using Roon for many years. I will try the thumbs up and down.

I like the weekly Qobuz playlist a lot. It is the best way I have found to discover new music and old favorites.

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Perhaps roon is hoping to get purchased by Elon.

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