Why I left Word

I began using WordPerfect back in the DOS days. I still use it regularly, and most local law practices use it due to its legal feature set. I used to use CorelDRAW! as well as part of their Suite.The logo to my practice was constructed using Corel DRAW and its annual CD of art objects they used to sell.But then, again, I still have one computer dedicated to running a specific DOS window for a program called Q&A (which was from Symantec back in the day).


Yep. Never really left the legal field.

The formatting ability of WP has always outclassed Word, imho. Word users are amazed at how easy it is to incorporate and tweak image/text composition on a page.

Also. “Reveal Codes”. mic drop. :slight_smile:

God, how true. I have Word on all machines and use it only when forced to do so. WordPerfect is so…er…perfect for most (all?) processing needs when you want to format different areas, reveal codes. It creates elegant documents under your control. That said, I am sorry they discontinued the Apple OS version.

I loved Lotus. Wasn’t too fond of Paradox, so I know Access … too well, lol.

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Wonder if you remember Symphony.

Perhaps we need a thread called “Why I Left Word”

Ask and it can happen!

And yes that was a Lotus product. Jazz was it’s Apple sibling, if my memory is good.

I remember Q&A. We also had a graphics program from Ashton Tate.

Symphony, 123 and my favourite Magellan.

I use Q&A on a daily basis and WordPerfect ~4x/wk. I have no complaints with either. They are perfect for me as is Roon. Never a problem, never a regret. But I should assume that my needs for software are modest.

To be honest I’m amazed that anyone is still using this era of software.

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There are five computers at the office and eight at home. There are niche uses for which other software (Eg. FileMaker Pro, etc) does not work as well. One computer is a DOS 3.1 only computer.


I still have MS-DOS 6x on floppy disks, one never knows :wink:

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It was said that Windows 1.0 would run almost all the programs that Quarterdeck’s DESQView would run.

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I have a sealed DOS 3.2 and manual. My son is amused when I show him DOS command lines

Wish I still had my PC/XT

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We were at a small conference where Bill Gates was speaking about XML before it was XML, and also dot net before dot net and whatnot.

The Mrs. brought a Windows 3.1 floppy disc (disc 1 of however many). She staked out the “green room” and saw him coming out to speak.

She was actually able to get next to him to shake hands and ask him to autograph her disc. He politely declined, saying that it would start a stampede and he wouldn’t be able to give his remarks.

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I only recently threw out my WordPerfect and Lotus 123 3.5 inch discs. I was still using Paradox long after Microsoft Access had been around for a while. Sometimes you just use what works and what you like. I finally hired a person to come in and rewrite all my Paradox stuff into Access.

I haven’t fooled with any of that since I retired almost 17 years ago. I just use free WPS Office to maintain a bunch of financial spreadsheets.

Ah, Bill. He was already a legend in his own mind. But it gave your Mrs. a memory.

And made us a lot of money.

I lost the connection to the money. Could you explain?

Started in Apple Pascal , elevated to Access 1.1 , then 2 , got into all sorts of scrapes with the
IT dept for doing stuff in Access they couldn’t do in .NET & SQL

Finally gave up and took up C# and SQL , happily retired now !

A nostalgic thread eh :joy: