Why I VERY nearly didn't Renew my Membership

This is an inane metaphor. Why? Because the most attractive person in the world, while being the best looking, could still be better looking. Roon has the best UI out there…and not just compared to some subset of lesser UIs.

We get it. You don’t like Roon. Your continual negativity is boorish. Be useful…

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So I have now been on Roon for 6 weeks including the 2 week trial.

I have been able to listen to music for EXACTLY 3.5 weeks. First it was that my tablet and phones could not access the roon remote to play my music. So I bit the bullet and bought a $400 tablet to be able to run roon.

Great all was well for the last 2 weeks… now nothing will connect with Roon core. I think the idea is fantastic but the implementation is GREATLY flawed. I am now several hundred dollars poorer! I have reverted to jriver and am exhausted by the time I have put into TRYING to make someone else’s program work on a very generic setup. QNAP ~ Win computer ~ Samsung tablet.

What a waste of my hard earned money!!!

Good lord, don’t do that.:laughing:

Many people here have a similar setup as you, without any problems.

Many people here, not to mention @support, will help you.

Slim’s right, we are here to help. What are the specifics of the problem? They often creep up like this if there is an update or if a firewall setting reverts. Have you tried with firewalls off as a debugging effort?

This didn’t creep, it just happened, just like the several times I’ve had to reboot my NAS so that Roon would work.

Yes fire wall off, fire wall set to allow all raat and roon, reset, uninstall, new install, reboot, reboot, reboot…

Roon is a fairly resource intensive application and one that might struggle if your hardware is under stress of the applications especially roon. Certain functions in roon will cause systems not up to spec to suffer and possibly have issues. Importing of music and audio analysis are the primary ones when new libraries are being created.

Thee are many here who will help. Sometimes it just a matter of riding out initial system performance hits based on what is not a perfect fit for the hardware you have spec wise.

@Claus_Blem Starting a new thread with specific system details and problems encountered is your best bet and as noted to Flag support.

See here I'm having a problem with Roon -- where do I report it?

Sadly, another year and still no good solution for handling box set metadata. As long as Roon insists that the solution is in their metadata provider(s) this will never be solved. Roon needs to be much more flexible and allow some user customization in how box sets are handled.


JRiver manages it , whatever you think of it so why not Roon

Sometimes I really wonder if I should use JRiver to play and Roon just for info, my frustrations would go overnight …

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Once can assign whatever artwork one wants. One of the options for covers is Roon or “file”; so you can have the artwork in the folder with the music files or embed a link to the art you want with the metadata. You need a metadata editor for that, I believe.

I already do that

Think about a box set of 50 discs, each of which was a CD in its own right, you can associate, embed the original artwork into the files (Tag & Rename does this for me)

How does Roon handle that, it provides 50 hyperlinks Disc 1 … Disc 50 BUT the box shows effectively as an album ( Box ) with one collective piece of artwork say the box cover the individual embedded images are lost. If each disc has a folder.jpg in its master folder these show as a set of images but not associated with a specific disc

The 50 embedded album covers are not shown

That’s the point, in JRiver I can create a composite box and show all 50 covers. The only thing I can’t do is have one overall box cover, not an issue to me

Now extrapolate that to Mozart 255 with 200 discs, it is impossible to navigate so you have to use more convoluted techniques with compositions etc

Don’t get me started :mask:

I’ll post the images again if you like

the only way round it is to trick roon into thinking it’s 255 individual albums, by putting the discs into 255 discrete folders (along with the discrete art for each sub-disc). Ive done this before with box sets…eg a box set of Oscar Peterson where each disc effectively has it’s own album art and really is better displayed discretly- Likewise with some BB King box set i have. Also done it with some classical boxes. It depends on mood my side, lol.

it’s a fudge but it can work. Better Roon should allow discrete and personal text per disc and album which is searchable. It would solve so many issues!!

It’s a fudge I do as well , not ideal especially when the discs don’t match anything Mozart 255 is a good example , very few of theists started life as a release

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It’s getting to the anniversary of this thread , my indecision continues, we await 1.7 whenever but there is no indication a to what will be addressed if anything

Well we all know there is a big internet radio makeover in the pipeline.

That’s the only hint we have.

I suspect the Mac OS mend soaked up a fair bit of resource

The whole box set thing is still key to me but I reckon is woefully low on the list

I came across this 2 year old thread

Very little has changed from my original post, except I was wrong on 2 counts

Cambridge Audio have embraced Roon
Mobile hasn’t made it yet

As predicted Qobuz has been integrated

Beyond that , a lot of stuff but none that addresses the original gripes

1.8 is coming but so is Christmas :joy:

No threats of leaving just a level of dissatisfaction and disappointment, 8 days to decide…

Buy a lifetime subscription and you don’t need to worry about it.

Or drop to monthly for a bit to wait out 1.8

Do either of you understand the frustration , are you classical listeners ?


In that case, let Roon expire and use something else for a while. You can always come back later.

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