Why I VERY nearly didn't Renew my Membership


I didn’t realise Qobuz and HiResAudio were already integrated into Audivarna.
Makes me a bit more hopeful for Roon - in that at least Qobuz are not blocking software vendors from integration.

(Paul) #42

Over a year ago I bought a lifetime after one year subscription. Though I don’t regret it, I don’t know if I would make the same choice again, buying a lifetime.

A few years ago I was confident Roon would solve many shortcomings on the software side (in UI/UX, less clicks in getting somewhere, more clickable elements, better & more metadata, better tagging experience / boolean search, improved radio, more iOS / OS X-feel, better box sets solution, customisable interface, genres / moods on track level, playlist folders, more streaming services - to mention a few).
But the chosen path was mostly hardware/MQA which I don’t care about (iOS playback was great!).

Radio 2.0 in release 1.4 was Phase 1, a year ago, I am still waiting for Phase 2.
How much I like I’m waiting for the Man, the same song twice is getting me…irritated.

So. I’m waiting for the Next Release. Roon.
So. I’m waiting for the Next Release. Roon.

(Mike) #44

Roon is IMO streets better than anything else out there, and I’ve tried a few. But software is never finished, it can only improve :slight_smile:


I’m in the same boat. I’ve got a lifetime and don’t regret it. But not sure with hindsight I would have bought it. When I first saw Roon I saw huge potential in it. Today I still see huge potential in it. But I used to feel there was a clarity of vision. Today I don’t know what the vision is really. Or who the customer is. I’m glad I’ve got the lifetime because I don’t have to make the decision every year about whether the last year was worth it and if the next one will be. My core spends more time off than on these days but I still hope that one day…

(Paul) #46

I tried everything I could find, since I have a computer, Roon is better, that’s why I bought a lifetime, but “streets” ahead?

Well, only improve, it can improve, I do hope so concerning Roon. I have seen too often new versions of software where features disappeared silently: stripped to the bone.

That’s it, there is some much potential, but at the moment there are much loose ends.

(Alex) #47

Funny to read this topic as I decided yesterday to not renew my annual subscription.
Missing box set is the main functionnality missing in my point of view.
I will plug back my CD Player and enjoy all the CDs that were sleeping in my numerous box set.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #48

Yeah this pretty much encapsulates my attitude. I admit this is “what have you done for me lately?” because Roon is still what amazed me when I first used it, and so yeah, now I’m spoiled and taking what Roon already does for granted.

But for the price, Roon should be making leaps and bounds to achieve its potential. That would even be true if there were no more features and just a completion of what is already started there.


yeah, am with you here.

Let’s hope there’s something considerable coming soon :slight_smile:

I’m not about to cancel, but then I’m fickle. Cancelled my plexpass, recently, and am considering cancelling Qobuz after having switched from Tidal, as I’ve just invested in an unlimited Dropbox account. Netflix is another one, fortunately my wife pays for that one.

For me, the mobile solutions are now becoming closer and closer to ideal, with the ability to stream ALL of my musical content on various mobile devices and in higher and higher quality.

I am in a demographic which doesn’t want to be tied to home use with fudges for portable use.

Roon really has to up it’s game on the UX front to keep bums on seats and I think that’s really becoming a problem. It’s another tenner of your chosen currency a month to consider along with all the other services we use. It all adds up and stuff has to give for most of us in the real world where money does get counted.

(Mike O'Neill) #50

Do you happen to know which tags does Roon prefer

Work or Composition
Part or Movement

I think Work Part ?

I use MusiCHI which does Composition, and SongKong which is MusicBrainz and does Work Part

I think I would be best to standardize on one pair


(Mike O'Neill) #51


I know all the rules about timescale etc but any thoughts from Roon’s end

Maybe you’re not the right person but who is

This thread has exposed quite a few unsettled users :sob:

(Fernando Pereira) #52

I use WORK/PART, as recommended by Roon.

(Mike O'Neill) #53

That’s quick , you must t sleep

I thought as much, I’ll standardize


(Paul) #54

Roon is still great, but I don’t think we are spoiled, maybe demanding, but given the price that’s fair. Furthermore, I think it’s human to push the limits.
As frequent users we face every day or week the - sometimes - little things which could make it a much better experience.

(Kenneth F Krutsch) #55

I use the Work / Movement tags from iTunes. When I select Prefer File in Composition/Part Grouping, it seems to display what I’ve edited.

I do all of my editing in iTunes using Doug’s Scripts for Work/Movement editing - I even have them assigned to hot keys for fast editing.


So many little things would make Roon a much better experience, including .AND. tag function, a random album selector across the board, ie wherever random track is applicable, offer random album option, ability to annotate albums and search those notes globally.

What these app developers don’t seem to grasp (not just Roon, but all of them) is that we really need some to gain some (manual) control over the sheer vastness of the collections these days.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #57

Yes, that has been my thought for a long time. Roon has seemed to focus on automating collection management. I understand the idea - deliver your organized collection on a silver platter so you don’t have to do anything – however that is not my style. I want exactly what I want and I am willing to spend hours and weekends to make it so, if the software supports it.

I just don’t know if that bigger market of music lovers who will dive into Roon and want Roon to deliver their collection on a silver platter actually exists. I think those folks mostly just stream and are happy with Spotify.

The other issues I’ve had is related, and that is that Roon seems to prefer to be a silo of information rather than inter-operate. You can see the custom embedded metatags from your files in the Roon database. But it’s inert - Roon won’t do anything with it. If Roon could read and translate those tags, now that would be my collection on a silver platter. AND that means grooming would be within the files, not within the Roon database, which is a hedge against anything happening to Roon.


I couldn’t agree with this more. There has to be some ability for the user to control the information displayed, even if it doesn’t appear as part of Roon’s model. No model can accommodate every situation, and Roon needs to allow some flexibility to allow for the idiosyncrasies of the user.

(Paul) #59

Exactly. I like the automatic collection management. But would like to have the control, too.

Unfortunately, there is not much progression in experience as well :grinning:
What comes into my mind, was @evand’s post which points the problem in meta and experience, from July 2017. At that moment @Sloop_John_B pointed out there was not much change in metadata for about a year and a half. Since then not much has changed on that level.

Before someone think’s: aah Statler & Waldorf! No I :heart_eyes: Roon.


We love it like an errant offspring when they get their school reports year in year out … “tries hard but… could do a lot better!!” :slight_smile:


that is very true. They are catered for and happy with the Spotify, Tidal, et al, apps.

Roon are catering for an exigeant bunch, who pay a premium and expect more (or jolly well should).