Why I won't be renewing Roon

I erased and rebuilt the database earlier but none of the hip hop or rap albums are appearing in my albums within Tidal itself (web interface)

I remember seeing a comment from someone on another forum that they have had the same thing where rap type albums have appeared in their library, he commented that it was albums for artists that Jay-Z represented hence the assumption it was something Tidal and Roon were doing.

No, already said that I’m the only one who uses the account.

I’ve had to switch the ROCK off now as it went into meltdown after erasing the database, it finished the scan but went ballistic and by the time I heard the fans going crazy the little Intel NUC was too hot to hold.

Hope you get it worked out. I have a couple hundred of albums added to my Roon favorites via Tidal, but I’ve never had one added - unless I added it. Something is certainly awry. Best guess is unauthorized access…I would try to get Tidal to investigate. You could always close your Tidal account and re-open a new one.

TBH I probably won’t be switching it back on again as I cancelled the Tidal account three weeks ago and have been using Qobuz with a Bluesound since then.

Hi @thebiglebowski,

Since starting with a fresh database have these albums appeared again in Roon?

Same thing happened to me. You simply needed to go to the Tidal tab in ROON and clicked on the “Collections” tab, deselected ALL the genres and close out. The albums might remain and have to be deleted one at a time (there is a way to show all these but I can’t remember the keyword) but it would stop them from being added.

The reason the rap albums were added (in my case) was because I like soul/R&B from the 60s and 70s. If you look at some of the categories Rap/Hip-hop albums are put in different categories. I had them show up in Heavy Metal and even had Country show up in Classical. Very annoying and time consuming to have to go through each artist and set parameters when I am paying ROON to do that!

Assuming the OP selected Collections, removing them is much easier to achieve. Simply go to Albums and Focus on tags, select the relevant tags (prefixed with TIDAL: ), Ctrl-A (select all) and click Edit. Now scroll down to Delete Albums and follow the instructions.

Edit: Just found the KB article: https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_I_added_collections_from_Tidal%2C_how_do_remove_that_content%3F

am having the same problem and am no more a tidal member . Am stuck with all these crappy music in my library Merci.Roon is not friendly anymore.

How can you have music from Tidal in your library if you don’t have tidal anymore? If you unlink you Tidal account they all disappear.

Reading the thread would have been better, it’s only 28 posts after all.

Perhaps you should have paid more attention? I was responding to Tony_Watkins1’s post, who assumed you had used collections–I was explaining that these albums can be removed in bulk not one at a time. I understood you hadn’t done that.

Apologies, I did misread it then. Bit snarky as I’ve already been asked multiple times in this short thread if “anyone else has access to my tidal account” or “did you tick the collections”

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It must be some bug as you cant add to Tidal without it adding it Roon or Vice versa. If they are not in Tidal app then it has to be a bug somewhere.

Somehow connected to the topic: “Why I won’t be renewing Roon”: I have also cancelled my Tidal and Roon couple days ago after my first inspiring year with Roon. I had 2 reasons:

  1. Tidal does not really fits my way of listening music, Spotify for me offer much more intuitively and automatically the music (acoustic and jazz) I listen to .
  2. Unfortunately no integration with Bose Soundtouch speakers which I fell in love with, even if I like a lot my 2 Auralic players, which I bought only for Roon.

Otherwise I had great experience with Roon, very responsive, the Core (I use an Intel NUC) works seamlessly and perfect, but just it does not fit to my taste with Tidal. It’s a pity, not only because of the significant investment, but also because it’s a great concept and works absolutely seamlessly for me.

I’d love to have Roon to cooperate with Spotify.

It 's the other way around. Spotify will have to cooperate with Roon. If Spotify does not want to it won’t happen…

Understand. Really bad for me. Same for Auralic devices. But there at least a beta is working kinda together with Spotify. Like with 85% availability.

Maybe in some years…

Does Spotify do lossless now?

I’m sure when I looked that the Bose Soundtouch range all had Aux in, so a £30 Chromecast dongle would sort that issue out.

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Sure, they have AUX. Chromecast also can connect that way to Roon Core? That would be a reasonable solution for me. Thanks for the idea.

I’m not sure on lossless, but so called “high quality” is not audibly different from Tidal Hifi for me.

If you want great sound on a huge Jazz catalog, go Qobuz. It’s easily available in the US and their high-res FLACs sound loads better than MQA.

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