Why in case of buffer underrun roon jumps to next track?

Why in case of buffer underrun roon jumps to next track?
Why it does not wait there is enough data in the buffer to continue playing the current track?
Is it possible to configure this behavior?
When i am listening to a track i want to finish it. I don’t mind if i have to wait a few seconds to continue.

Why in case of buffer underrun Roon jupms to next track? This is a very disturbing behavior.
Is it possible to configure so that roon waits the buffer has data to continue playing the same track?

Hello @FabioD, I’ve merged your two posts - no need to post twice.

I don’t know why you think you are seeing a buffer underrun; skipping to the next track is usually an indication of something wrong with the incoming stream. Some more information is needed and I’ve also moved your post to a #support thread so that Roon’s @support team can get involved.

In order for them to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

sorry. But i could not find the first 3D. So i opened anothe one.
Can you please move this 3D to the best category for support?

That’s ok, it’s now in the right category.

Don’t forget to add some more information.

Roon runs on a win10 laptop,the renderer is a Cambridge Audio CXN V2.
When this kind of problem happens do you write some kind of Log that can be checked?

Laptop:Intel Core i7. 16 Giga RAM. windows 10 64 bit

Renderer: Cambridge Audio CXN V2.
Service Pack: v018-a-078+a
Firmware: (null)+(null)+36
Device ID: 00203ad5
IP Address:
Chromecast built-in: 1.28.102057

Laptop connected to Netgear Modem/Router D6200 by wireless, cambridge connected to same router by cable.

Playing from laptop or from Samsung S6plus the behavior is the same.

I have no local library. Streaming provider is Qobuz.

There is a log, and if support need to see it they can arrange for it to be sent automatically to them.

Are you seeing your problem with all streams? All endpoints?

Happens randomly seldomly. There is only one endpoint, the CXN.
When it happens next time i will record the day and time. Where is the Log and how to post it?

We need to wait for support to be in touch. It’s almost Christmas so please be patient.

Try connecting the Core via Ethernet. Wifi is not recommended for the RoonCore.

Sounds like this is related to:

I just experienced this for the first time today. Don’t know if it was a buffer issue, but started playing a Tidal track. 10 seconds in, it just skipped to the next track. Happened again later tonight. Went back to the offending track and it played through no problem.

I do not care what is recommended or not. There is no reason why it should not work via Wifi. And in fact it works. The problem i submitted has nothing to do with Wifi or cable.

that is exactly the point. I hope this can be fixed because it’s a really disturbing behavior.
thank you guys.
I also agree with what they say in the linked 3D , if it’s loading slowly or it waits for the buffer to have enough data to continue, or just stops and manually asks to continue or jump to next track.
But the actual behavior is not acceptable.

Merry Christmas. Believe me the issue will 99% be using WiFi on the core, especially for Tidal playback. Roon is a server client system this means all data needs to pass through the core. Roon is very network busy. It is pulling and sending data at the same time all the time. . Wireless does not do this in any scenario, it can only send or receive data to one device at any one time. Therefore when your trying to serve this data up it will get latency and this inevitably causes this type of issue. Whilst it can work in some situations it’s never guaranteed to. Wireless is not fixed and it’s strength, speed , latency change all the time from one minute to the next.

Now consider your in a an environment which has lots of competing wireless systems , latency and other issues will be compounded and increase at times when there are many wireless users and I don’t mean just in your property, everyone else’s wireless has an affect on yours it’s just not possible to avoid this due to how it works. It doesn’t matter if you have the fastest internet in the world wireless networking has its limits and is really not suitable for a server based application like Roon. If you want to ignore what is recommended that is up to you, but everyone here is recommending it for a reason. Get the server off wireless , the endpoints are fine to be wireless but your Roon core really needs to be wired to work at its best. You need to rule this out before you.can move on.

All you wrote has nothing to do with the issue we are discussing here. I could answer back but i really have no time.
This behavior needs to be handled in a different way. Point
I do not have another laptop to connect by cable. Or they fix this problem or my account on Roon will be dismissed. Roon is just a Quirk. The native app of Cambridge Audio works perfectly and is far sufficient for my needs. And so far there is absolutely no value added from the sound point of vue. So as easily as i applied for the trial of Roon i can dismiss it.

The network demands of a multi-zone, client-server environment pushing full PCM or DSD bitstreams like Roon are different compared to simpler, one-to-one players. On a healthy network, Roon’s buffering is adequate. Buffers are not overly large, as Roon needs to be able to keep different zones in sync.

So you either will need to configure your network to be more performant (not that hard) – or use simpler solutions like Cambridge’s app (that’s perfectly fine if Roon’s finer features do not appeal to you).

Ultimately, that choice is yours – and any solution that suits your needs best is fine.

Networks are my daily Job. My wireless is perfectly healthy and i made an accurate check with a sniffer. This thing happened again this morning. Yesterday evening i did set a sniffer (Wireshark and a custom traffic analysys tool) to monitor everything that goes through the laptop and through the whole LAN and at that moment it clearly shows there was no congestion of any kind in the local network. Tracing back with traceroute the problem was on a node in the WAN part, somewhere between the Qobuz server and the Modem. In this case Roon is not serving any multi-zone and just handling a 44/16 stream.
The signal path i posted yesterday show exactly which parts are involved.

If you read the 3D that was linked by BlackJack many people that experienced this problem have the core connected by cable. The guy who opened that 3D clearly wrote it was hardwired: **Mac Mini hardwired through TRENDnet Gigabit Switch to Synology DS718+ NAS. So wireless has nothing to do in this discussion. Greetings. Fabio

I’d simply point out that there are two different questions being mixed-up on this thread. The default answer to the first question - why do playback buffer underruns occur? - on this forum seems to be “it’s a WiFi problem”. It can be, but not always. I have seen it happen with my Internet connection going bad, and I have seen it happen without any obvious reason for one track repeatedly, and other tracks loading just fine. This behavior seems to reflect upon an issue more complex than simply ‘WiFi is bad for you’.

But, this was not the OP’s original question. He was complaining about the second question - Why Roon’s behavior is to jump to the next track, once a playback buffer underrun has occurred? I’d like to give my support to this request - this behavior seems not to be the expected behavior of a playback system, and should be reconsidered.

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