Why is Duplicate Composers shown in album Credits tab

For this version of High n Dry by Def Leppard in the credits tab Rick Allen is shown twice as a composer, this seems unnecessary. Also note that we have the correct Joe Elliott and the incorrect Joe Elliot listed

Are these known issues, I’m just using Roon configured with the default I haven’t modified anything.

In Settings > Library > Import Settings > Metadata preferences for tracks > Composer Credits, what do you have it set for? Do you have composer info embedded in the track files? (I’m guessing you do.)

Hi, it is set to Prefer Roon - i havent changed any settings.

And yes I do have composer fields in the file metadata if thats what you mean.

I was thinking that perhaps it was set to Merge Roon and File, but that was clearly wrong. I went and looked at the listing for the album in AllMusic, and the credits there are just as you describe: Rick Allen is listed twice as a composer, and both Joe Elliot and Joe Elliott are listed. So that’s where the bad info is coming from.

Maybe @joel can get this corrected?

Yes, that’s what I meant. Another test of my bad hypothesis.

Thankyou, the culprit was as you said All Music- http://www.allmusic.com/album/high-n-dry-mw0000189626/credits
Glad to see Roon essentially working correctly, but would make sense for it to filter out duplicates from inaccurate sources such as this one.