Why is it so difficult to heart a track?

Am I doing something wrong here? Is there a quicker way? Thanks in advance.

Edit: This is on macOS, latest version.

You can only heart songs that are in your library.

The issue here is that there can be a gap of a 1-10 seconds while an album is added and so you effectively clicked the Qobuz version after your first attempt to add the album and then you tried to add it again when it was trying in the background to add it to library.

Just count to 10 and you can heart songs straight away.


Thanks for you help but it doesn’t matter how long I wait. On the first video below I wait over 10 seconds and then on the second video I leave it waiting longer.

The only way I can add the heart to an album or track is by going a different route back into the album which is a pain, I just want to listen to random tracks and then heart them as I go along.

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That is indeed annoying.
In the UIs of TIDAL and Qobuz this is possible but then you have to leave Roon…

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In all my other music software I can just play a track and heart it within a second. Roon is just frustrating.

Alternatively, you can add tracks to a playlist that contains multiple tracks that you want to rate later and then add them to your library if needed…

Do you mean in other software, as I didn’t think this was possible in roon unless I’m not understanding what you’re saying?

Yes in Roon. I created a special playlist to which I add tracks that I like but not sure yet if I want to add them to my library.

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Ah ok, that could work if I plan ahead I guess. I’ll give it a go. Thanks.