Why is it taking Roon so long to get the Radio algorithm sorted?

I know Roon are aware of it and @Mike has said it is being worked on but I’m wondering is this very difficult or just not being prioritised?

I’m listening to a “play all” Jason Isbell collection and as good as Cumberland Gap and Cover Me are I’d expect just to hear them just the once.

I don’t know if I came across this before nonetheless the Radio function has been unusable for me for such a long time now I never use it , but yesterday I his play similar on Madonna Greatest hits only to find the Pretenders and Talking Heads showing up once more.



I agree. I’m grateful for the team’s hard work on many things that we have requested, but I am looking forward to progress with this issue.

The idea of a highly functional Radio working in tandem with the rich metadata was what sold me on Roon in the first place. The potential for music discovery and exploration would be endless.

Well, whilst I agree with the request/question, you have just seen what has happened when Team Roon addressed the number one issue, ‘one click Play’. Lots of complaints! I guess with Radio the requirements are looser in that we all just want it to work much better than it does at present. Team Roon should be able to make small incremental improvements without ruffling any feathers. Eventually it will live up to its name and we will all stop noticing how limited it is…

I’d love an update as to when Roon may get to addressing the radio/shuffle features.

It seems the queue/playlist folks have been taken care of with the latest Roon release (caused quite a stir!), maybe it’s time for us shufflers/randomizers to have our day?


Every time there’s a software update I think ‘this is the one’! I can only think that the team want to get it right in one, rather than incremental improvements. And that it’s not an easy fix.

I’ve started tagging all the tracks that come up again and again as ‘Temporarily Over It’ and then tell Roon to take those out of the random shuffle. Not sure it works 100% though.

Would loooovvvveee this to happen soon.


As long as Radio depends on the current source of metadata, it can only be as good as that metadata. And the quality of that metadata is terrible.

Radio should be based on AI and big data analysis of thumbs up or thumbs down by users playing similar seeds. But I’m not sure the Roon user base is big enough to make that practical.