Why is library and tidal separated

I’m very new to this forum in case this has already been covered.

Recently I have been buying CDs and importing them when they are missing on tidal giving me the same lossless data as if it were on tidal.

The first two studio albums by Alizée Gourmandises and Mes Courants Electriques.
I’ve also bought Taylor Swift’s 1989 DLX
Along with Adele’s 25
And finally Rammstein’s Made in Germany
Dragonforce’s Inhuman rampage is incoming any day now.

I really want an integrated experience but what I get is one white area with Main Albums and right below the grey Tidal row of Main Albums. Would having them all on the same line be too much to ask. I know there must be a lot of exceptions to handle but in these cases it would be very simply done.

Love the Tidal integration and wasapi when I finally got it producing sound.

Roon actually does what you are looking for, but only the other way around.

Roon is based on your own library and all services, currently TIDAL can be used to supplement your library.

So let’s take Adele and assume you only have 25 ripped to your library. Go to the TIDAL line and use the “add to library” button for 19 and 21. You will see all 3 albums as if they were in your library.

Thank you I was thinking about my collection from a Tidal direction and wanted my imported CDs to join the Tidal collection which it obviously does when you import Tidal instead. I just wish you could right click an album and select import. You can left click move the mouse significantly and click import though.

I’m finding a lot more albums in Tidal using Roon but that are mostly albums with no playable tracks. Looking at the complete Metallica collection still made an impression.