Why is Masters track getting downsampled?

Here is what I’m seeing when I am playing an MQA 96kHz track to my Hegel Rost over Airplay.

My setup:

  • Roon Core running on iMac (core i7)
  • iMac connecting over wifi (Google Wifi mesh)
  • Hegel Rost amplifier connected to one of the Google wifi mesh devices
    Note: Hegel Rost DAC is fully capable of handling 24/96 content.

My only current hypotheses are that somehow this is a limit of Airplay (though I’ve not seen any info online which suggests that to be the case) or perhaps a limit of my wifi setup.

Eventually I’ll get a Roon Rock and connect it directly to the Rost but any thoughts as to why I’m seeing this downsampling?

You definitely won’t get 96kHz with Airplay as it’s limited to 48kHz. Not sure why it’s being converted down to 44.1 though.

Thanks for quick reply. Yeah the downsampling to 44.1 is confusing. Does Airplay limitation also affect the bit depth, i.e. explain why 24bit is going to 16bit?

Yes it is limited to 16 bit. Airplay 2 might support 24bit but I’m not sure about higher sample rates.

so sounds like its time for a Roon Rock!

I think airplay for audio only is 44.1 - 48 only applies to audio in Video.


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Yes, AirPlay for audio is 16/44.1