Why is my core back in Early Access?

Hi, I uninstalled all early access builds from my system and now my core is back on early access? How can I stop this please @Early_Access?

Did you do this?

How do I leave?

Leaving the Early Access program is as simple as signing up. All you have to do is install the current production version of Roon on your devices.

Cheers mate though I did this when the post you shared was made but today its installed a Beta again. I don’t want to keep having to remove betas and want to opt out permanently.

What device is the Roon Core running on?

OK it wasn’t completely clear to me, you said you uninstalled all earlyaccess builds but didn’t say explicitly that you then reinstalled production. Seems obvious that you did, but I just wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

A synology NAS.

How do I leave? For good, without my core reverting back?

I haven’t heard of any reversions yet prior to this. I’m sure you believe you were out, but when you went to the webadmin page for your core, you’re positive it said “production”? I had to try twice before I got it - but once I got it, it stuck.

Hey @Paul_Whittaker,

After reviewing your account, it looks like you’ve successfully moved back to production on all your Roon devices. Is this correct?


Yes though I didn’t do it. Not sure if you guys did but this issue is resolved.

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