Why is my ripped Brian May album showing as corrupt in Roon?

I recently purchased the remastered Brian May CD, Back to the Light. It’s a 2 CD set with extensive bonus tracks. For some reason, the main CD and the bonus tracks CD both show as corrupt in Roon. These CDs were ripped as ALAC and FLAC files in Windows Media Player. Both file types show up as corrupt in Roon, but not any other Library such as ITunes - They show up as playable in Itunes with no issues. Thanks or any suggestions or insight.

@Forrest_Proctor I’ve edited the title of the thread. It might help others in the future when they are searching.

Thanks. Sorry about that, I was being a little cheeky with the title.


I suspect an issue with Windows Media Player, can you download a trial copy of dBPowerAmp and use it to rip the CD.

PS I’ve also used dBPA to trans-convert FLAC to FLAC to overcome format validation issues.


I’ve used WMP before, but sometimes I get anomalies in the finished ripped files. I’ll try the software you’ve suggested.

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Either dbpoweramp or Exact audio copy which is free.

I used to get similar nonsensical errors using wmp to rip and moved on.

Good luck!

I actually use JRiver to rip nowadays but that’s also paid software but it is extremely flexible, I think they do a free trial as well if you want to take a look.

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I’ve noticed WMP is placing lots of errors in my CD rips - screeches, skips, all kinds of weird stuff. I suspect it’s built in obsolescence. Thanks for the information.

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