Why is "Opera" not showing in the Genre Browser?

So I have Roon set to use my file tags for the Genres, and I have many tracks with “Opera” set in the genre metadata tag.
Roon clearly knows about the Opera genre:

Yet, in the main Genre browser, “Opera” does not show up:

What’s going on here?

I don’t barely understand them but does that mean perhaps that Opera is a subgenre within Classical?

But I’m showing my own genres derived from tags and these have no subgenres/hierarchy- not Roon genres (which do display subgenres)?

Using genres from your file tags doesn’t flatten the hierarchy.

There’s only one list of genres in Roon, and the hierarchy is the default starting point – whether the genres come from your file tags, or Roon, or both, Delta Blues is always going to start as a subgenre of Blues. This is fully editable.

More discussion on this here:

Well, OK, but I still don’t understand why Opera isn’t showing up in the Genre Browser.

In the Genre Settings, I’ve got “Use genres extracted from file tags” turned on, and I’ve tried having the “Use genres from Roon’s metadata database” turned both on and off, but either way, I still can’t get Opera to be displayed in the list…

Does it not show as a subgenre of Classical? You should be able to edit it to be top-level, if so.

Well, yes it does, but I prefer to view all my genres at once by selecting the “View All nn” link in the Genre browser.
On further investigation, it appears that there are a lot of genre tags not being displayed in the Genre browser when “View All” is selected, not just “Opera” is missing.

Roon tells me that there are 70 genres that it will display in the Genre browser, yet counting up the genre tags in the Genre Mappings screen I thought I should be seeing all 113 genres that have been defined in the genre tags.

What appears to be happening is that if any of these tags are mapped to Roon’s Genres/subgenres, then that genre is NOT displayed in the “View All” listing.

My assumption is that the “View All” listing would show me all my genres from the file tags in the Genre browser, but it doesn’t. Is this by design, or is this a bug?

Where is this?!!!

It’s here:

Ah, thanks Geoff. Must only show if you have more than x top level genres.

BTW, where did you earlier screenshot of genres come from, the one without artist information under each genre?

That’s the screen you get when you click the “View All” link in the default view of the Genre Browser. That’s the screen that I assumed would show all genres, but which actually doesn’t…

Got it. Thanks.