Why is Roon broken Roon so much since 1.6


It’s better without Qobuz but still gets some issues.

(Richard van Enteren) #45

I have the same problems but never replied here and also appeard after the last big update. Never had problems at all and I’m using Roon from day one. Hope there’s gonna be a fix very soon.


1.6 was working great for me from day 1. (I do not stream)
But in the last few weeks roon has slowed down, randomly quits and is very sluggish.

No changes in my set-up…

I hope something changes soon.

(Jeff Young) #47

I started experiencing very slow searches with 1.6. While I have a Qobuz account, I only use it for purchases/downloads, and not streaming. So I turned it off in Roon and my search speed is back.

However, when Roon gets more deeply integrated with Qobuz (ie: when I can initiate buying a suggested track/album from within Roon), I’d want Qobuz integration back on…

(I am in Ireland with a Qobuz account opened from Ireland. My internet link is via radio. At the moment I’m getting 40M/s download speed; 4M/s upload. Roon core is on its own box, running ArchLinux on a 7thG i5 w/ 1TB SSD.)


Not sure how you get there. Still streaming across local network, only nothing coming in via Internet and hence no lags caused by Roon’s cloud servers.

(Martin Webster) #49

You’ve eliminated the entire Internet and everything works now, so the logical conclusion is that Roon is responsible for every connection between their servers and yours?
No, your test is flawed and so is the analysis. There are many variables at play here and the changes released in 1.6 are exposing issues that were previously hidden.

The issue is more likely to be local.


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(Dan Herrmann) #57

I have Roon Core running on a Windows 10 PC with 32GB memory (i5 quad core). Running Tidal.

Just did a search for Elvis Costello - took 2 seconds.

(I have about 3000 CDs in my local library)

(Shawn Costello) #58

I’m at work but have you tried clearing Roon’s cache. I forgot where it’s located. I did it a year ago. I’ll check when I get home.

(Vincent Kennedy) #59

@Dan_Herrmann - Hi Dan, after you did the search did you click on the result to see the performer page? What I have been experiencing is slowness there. Loading the actual page with the Performer’s top tracks, albums, etc have been very slow. Interestingly, the search is faster on my PC then it is on my cell phone. I need to test with my Wife’s phone and another PC, to do further validation. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to dig into this issue lately.


Running Roon on QNAP TS-451 and recently cannot access RoonServer from app or via QNAP app accessed via computer. Un-installed and updated Roon on QNAP several times and worked for 2 days and now it cannot find Roonserver again though the files appear and do not look to be corrupted. Tried to install Roon software on my IMac and when logging in it states I have no membership active when I just renewed Feb 1.
This is turning into a major hassle as I am not a computer nerd and no response from Roon so far.

(Daniel Beyer) #61

As near as I can see, this is your first post and it is in a general feedback thread, not a specific support thread. I would suggest that you create a support thread about your issue, that way support can help you out.

To Do So:
At the top of the Forum choose categories Support. Then click on the " + New Topic".

This will start a new support thread with the support form which you should fill out with the appropriate information for support.

(Vincent Kennedy) #62

@ROBERT_MOTTA - Also don’t forget to add @support to your post.

(Andrew Cox) #63

It’s not necessary to flag @ support in all new Support threads. It creates unhelpful flag clutter. Support staff see all new threads in the Support category. The flag is helpful to identify exceptions where a post falls through the cracks.


Well this is not getting any better and is very up and down. Last night at one point it took over a minute to display results. The odd thing I looked at the logs, whilst I am no expert I could find the time I did the search when it was slow. According to the logs it returned the results of search in about 42ms which is bugger all. No sign of any delay at all mentioned. Yet when performing search to display the results on the remote client which this time was Windows 10 pc it tool about a minute. It was that long I gave up and started to make a post to support. Make of this what you will but during this lag I could use other apps search using TIdal and Qobuz apps with no issues, So to me something is wrong with Roon. Whether its the server or clients I cant say but something is not well in Denmark and I dont believe its my network . Some of you may not be experiencing this issue, great you are lucky but it does not mean its not happening or an issue for others.