Why is Roon on OS X a 32-bit app?

I was a bit surprised to notice that Roon is running as a 32-bit app on OS X. I have read that 32-bit apps use more resources when running on Yosemite, and wondered if this could be partly responsible for the high CPU usage I’m getting. Are there plans to upgrade Roon to 64-bit on the Mac?

We are planning on it so we can handle extremely large libraries (500,000+ tracks), but there should be no penalty for 32 bit on Yosemite or any other OS X, and definitely no impact on CPU.

In fact, 64bit has a penalty of using more RAM than 32bit, as all memory pointers are doubled in size.

Thanks Danny, I’ve always been dubious about the claims of any impact on CPU. I’ve posted separately about the CPU problems I’m having. Is there a way I can log this as an issue?


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