Why is Roon signal path unable to show USB DAC output device in iOS?

Searched on here but can’t find the answer…

Curious why the signal path will not show my DAC connected via USB and rather shows iPad/Headphones? I understand this is a limitation of iOS, but why?

Not sure I understand the question. Title indicates output device is not showing in iOS, while description in previous post indicates this is available in iOS, but not in macOS.

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Ha! Long day, have the dumb and cannot brain apparently :slight_smile: Hope it makes a bit more sense now.

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Some do some don’t , its not a Roon thing . It normally depends on what the DAC reports back some do …

Cheers Mike.

I did not think it was Roon thing, reason I said it was a limitation of IOS. Am merely curious why this is.

I’ve got two (Chord Mojo and Mytek Brooklyn) and none of them show up.

I take it yours can be seen in iOS?

My ,main DAC is an Audiolab M-DAC connected via a RPi running Roipeee. my Signal Path shows the Roipeee instance but no further.

I also have a Audioquest Dragonfly Red which I connect Direct to my iPad , the signal path shows the iPad but no further. The Dragonfly shows the colour appropriate to the signal

It really depends on the DAC ,

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iOS does not report back what is connected. Roon does not seem to get this information from iOS, most likely because it is not available for 3rd party applications like Roon ? Maybe someone from Roon support can help out here ? @support


Hi @RBO ,

I can confirm that @Tor_Gunnar_Berland is correct here, we are unable to get this info from the iOS system itself.