Why is roon so slow?

My computer has been pushing lossless, mqa and hd tracks for quite a few years and never had any problems until I installed roon.

Now, album art takes minutes to load, playback freezes and browsing lags so much that I end up giving up on listening to music entirely.

$700 for this trash???

Clearly, this is a common problem and pushing people to your $2,500 Nucleus is laughable.


Roon is a more computer intensive program than many other music player programs. User experience can vary widely depending on the size of your library and the computer resources available.

How many albums do you have and how do the specs of your computer compare with the recommended hardware ?

Roon doesn’t push people to the Nucleus if their existing hardware is unsuitable. It has also published ROCK, a dedicated operating system that can be installed on a relatively inexpensive Intel NUC.

Obviously Roon can also be run on Windows, MacOS and Linux (Roon Server only) if you prefer a general purpose operating system.


CLEARLY, this is NOT a common problem since most of the people here use Roon and really enjoy it. Roon runs just fine on small NUC with an i3 and plenty of servers that use dual-core ARM chipsets. There is clearly another issue going on.


Then why are there countless threads on this same topic. If my computer is capable of running every other music server, roon is the obvious problem.

I should not have to buy a dedicated computer to run roon. That is not how the product is advertised.


I’m running windows 7 with 4gb of ram.

I’m not interested in buying another computer to run roon. I’m interested in a refund.

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Windows 7 with 4 gigs of RAM is barely enough to run anything. Buy some more RAM, seriously. Even going to 8 gigs will make a world of difference. Do more if you can. Most RAM is not expensive these days.


BTW, I added a playlist in tidal an hour ago and it still is not showing up in roon. How long should I expect to wait for a playlist to be added to my library?

Searching for it yealds no results for some reason.

What a huge waste of time!

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4gb is what is recommended by roon. It’s a laptop, so it’s not easy to upgrade the ram.

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The minimum requirements are exactly what they are: minimum. Just because it says it will run doesn’t mean it’s going to run well. And if you have a 4 gig Windows laptop, there might be other things going on. Do you use an SSD for storage or a hard drive? That makes a huge amount of difference in performance.

Also, Tidal has been weird for me this evening. It may not just be with you.


You don’t need a Nucleus.

I ran Roon for many months on an i3 NUC with 8GB of RAM.

Besides having only 4GB of RAM, what are the other specs of your system?
How big is your library?

So angry.


Roon (w/ HQ Player even) runs perfectly fine on my 2012 Mac Mini.

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I’m running audioquest pearl ethernet to my Brooklyn Bridge as my roon endpoint. I have 600mbps internet, so bandwidth is not the problem.

It seems that roon will only work on a dedicated computer, which is not what roon advertises. There are a plethora of threads about roon running extremely slowly. The software is not up to par and the fanbois can’t seem to handle any criticism of their prize product.

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Yes. Angry to overpay for a product that does not perform as advertised.


For $700, it should run quite well.


In my set-up Roon syncs with Tidal once a day. Maybe more, but at least once a day. If I want something instantly I refresh manually. Settings -> Services -> Edit -> “Sync Library Now”

Tidal does not “push” changes into Roon so you have to wait for, or trigger, a sync.


Thanks! That worked right away :slight_smile:

@Kursten_Hogard please list the full specs of this laptop you are using for the core/remote. Roon has minimum requirements and a windows 7 install is likely to be running on something well under spec I suspect. Also running over wifi is not recommended for the Core system


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@Kursten_Hogard - I’d also make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. If you use the Intel HD graphics chipset on your laptop with Windows there are known potential issues which can cause extreme slowness in the UI (though do not affect playback) - search the forum for possible resolutions.

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My Roon Core currently runs on an Intel Nuc with Intel Core i7-7567U@3.5 GHz and 8 GB RAM on Debian 10. In this same Intel NUC is running HQPlayer Embedded that I use to upsample to DSD128. Both processes run fine.

During my trial period, 3 years ago, and the first months Roon Core run on an HPE ProLiant Microserver Gen9 with Intel Celeron GT1610T@2.3 GHz and 4 GB RAM. It also run fine on that computer.

I’m using it on a second hand nuc paid 120€ and it works well…probably, but I’m not an expert here, the problem is Windows itself which is always a pain when it comes to stability and performance…but I totally get your point here.

To me for what we get is too expensive, it simply works but that doesn’t mean it’s amazing…UI/UX design is crap, I already said that many times but probably no one is interested here in improving the look and feel in something more up to date than a ‘90s software.