Why is Roon such a pleasure to use?

I’m a couple of weeks in to my three month trial, and I’m almost giddy. I’m using Roon with Qobuz (which I’ve had for awhile). I’ve read a lot of comments suggesting that Roon is primarily of value when you have a large personal collection as well as a streaming service, because of the way you can manage your library. But my personal collection is still on CD and vinyl. I’m using Roon with Qobuz as a way to explore music and it’s working beautifully. I love the metadata, I love following the breadcrumbs as I read about albums and artists, tracing artist credits. Funny, both Qobuz and Tidal have artist bios and album credits, but I never found myself diving deep with them, the way I am with Roon. I’m also happy with my daily mixes, and especially with subgenre radio. There is much to be explored, but this grandma is having a great time here.


Glad you are enjoying it so much and a very warm welcome to Roonworld!


When it works it’s great…really great
When it doesn’t it’s a headache


I’ve been lucky so far. Except for the (much noted) search issues, my very simple system is working just fine. Fingers crossed.

Of course, you start easier if all CDs and LPs are not digitized, but a music service like Qobuz is connected to Roon.

If you have a few good starting points in mind, you will always get nice discovery tours.

I took a more arduous path. Frustration and fascination are so close, but often it’s the person in front of the computer that causes problems. :rofl:


I left for nearly a year,didnt like the direction roon were going in with the 1.8 update,came back last month thìnkin most issues would be fixed by now buts it’s actually worse,the core works fine and is fast and smooth but the ios remote app is a stutter and laggy mess on my iphone 13 pro max and ipad pro /Samsung tab s4,Many complaints have made about this since the beginning of this year but roon STILL haven’t done anything about it


It’s weird, I read about these problems on iOS devices but all ours are just fine. iPhone 8plus, iPad Pro 1st gen and iPhone 11pro.
Sorry to hear you have such problems.


I have to agree with @Michael_Dollan here.

No iOS issues on iPad mini4 or iphone8.

It does appear to be the newer iOS devices that are affected in this regard.
One more good reason not to upgrade :innocent:


Nah, it’s been this way for years. Whether it’s an issue is of course in the eye of the beholder.

You only need to compare the behaviour of scrolling through the album view, and compare to the “free” apps like Lumin, Lightning DS or BluOS.
With Roon it’s an epileptic seizure inducing view where the others present a smooth flow of cover images.


Wow, not my experience whatsoever. Bluesound controller pales in comparison to Roon. I’m a Bluesound fan as far as their devices go but the controller has struggled for years. The one advantage it has over Roon is it currently supports more music services.

I can only speculate that, in your case, the Roon core is either underpowered for your needs or not a dedicated core.

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You are likely misunderstanding here. I’m referring to screen updates and utilizing the high refresh rate of modern iOS devices.
And No, my Core is in no way underpowered, and neither is my Controller. :slight_smile: Core i5-11400 with 16gb DDR4 and the database on a Samsung 980 Pro 250Gb m.2 PCIe NVME. Controlled by an iPad Pro 12.9" 2020.

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My BluOS app runs smooth like butter on the Macbook Pro (2017), iPad Pro (2021), iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone X.

Roon is also butter smooth on my Macbook. On the iPad it runs very good and have so little issues, they don’t really bother me. On the iPhone X and 13 Pro it’s seizure inducing :dizzy_face:

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there is definitely a problem on the new iPhone 13 and ipad pro and some iphone 12 users have the same issues,when Im scrolling on these 120hrz screens it feels like its running at 30hrz or something,very laggy/stutter,my roon core is fast enough i5 9500 6core 4.4hrz 8gb ram 256gb nve,everthing connected via ethernet

Enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts. I’ve wasted countless hours and hundreds of dollars getting this thing to work. It always seems to fail just when I think I’ve fixed everything.


Completely agree. When Roon is working properly it’s the best, and you want to shout out to the world how brilliant it is. But when someone comes around to see what the shouting is about, there’s always the anxiety that it won’t work on cue, as it often doesn’t.


Welcome to the forums Jodi! Great to hear that you’ve discovered Roon and are really enjoying it. I agree it is a fantastic product that works pretty much flawlessly for the overwhelming majority of users - I really started to enjoy music much more again after I discovered it, and subsequently led us to significantly upgrade our system. I can highly recommend ripping your CD collection and importing to Roon.

Sorry that your post brought out some of the chronically disaffected, but it always happens when someone opens a new thread enthusing about Roon - they can be safely ignored. The overwhelming majority of users never experience any of the weird and wonderful problems that are reported on this site. Very stable networking is key, with everything connected via ethernet if at all possible (although many wifi setups are also trouble free).

Most importantly - enjoy the music!!


Definitely sounds like a refresh issue for iOs users. Not noticed this on my Pixel 4 which is 90hz and pretty smooth. That said it could scroll faster. Compare to Qobuz app which scrolls fast and super smooth Roon is a Tortoise and I can see that being a big issue at higher refresh rates.

Oh, how rude :sweat_smile:


Shouldn’t that be “chronically affected [to whatever issue]”? :smiley:

Why is Roon such a pleasure to use? Well it is a relatively mature product (over 6 years old) with a growing user base and is in constant development. So they must be doing something right…