Why is Roon truncating 24-bit?

I put on a track from Pet Sounds this eve - a 24/96 rip. Roon first truncates to 16bit then dithers:

Why is Roon truncating? The DAC (Weiss DAC2) is capable of 24bit.


Does the same thing to me. Different DAC, though.

doesn’t seem to be a universal problem (iFi idsd micro / Windows 8.1 / Roon 1.0 build 30):

Try to disable the “Max Sample Rate (PCM)” in the audio settings

“Max Sample Rate (PCM)” is already disabled, cas.

Yep. You are using ASIO. I have to use the wasapi because Roon does not see my ASIO driver. Using wasapi in exclusive mode causes the same issues as @extracampine is experiencing.

I have access to many different operating systems and hard drives to install them. I know that in the affected system, I can change the base OS and have it work (Win 7 to Win 8.1). Re-installing the OS already cleared up the same problems with Roon on another endpoint computer (Win 8.1 to Win8.1).

I don’t want to re-install yet on my primary computer, as I would rather the ASIO issue get resolved so I can use it instead of the wasapi based driver. That being said, there is something going on with some Windows installations that is causing this. My personal bet is that some other audio based software has registry hooks which are causing Roon issues. It would be good to discover what the issue is and its corrective actions instead of just saying, re-install your OS to correct the issue.

Hey @extracampine – this generally will only happen is the DAC refuses to play back 24bit content.

It’s hard to know exactly without seeing the error, so feel free to upload me some logs (I think you know how :wink:) and send me a PM – we’ll take a look and confirm what’s happening here.