Why is Roon using too much data storage on iPad Remote

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Recently, I realised that my iPad that I have been using since 2018 when I bought my Roon Nucleus is using too much Data storage. My iPad is a 32GB device and Roon is using over 18GB of storage space of that iPad which is used as my Roon Remote.

I use mostly TIDAL &/or QOBUZ for streaming (I’ve some 1000 Album saved in Roon App) and about 40 Album saved on a External HDD attached to my Nucleus via USB.

Can you please help to tell me how I can reduce or eliminate this huge storage space occupied by Roon?

Reduce the size/quality of images of your library. Remove and re-install Roon on the iPad. Note that on mine Roon and Tidal are by far the biggest programs on my iPad.

Roon consumes a lot of resources in general. In one of the threads I tried to ask service stuff how to fix it, but so far I have no answer. Maybe it has to be like that?

Thank you! Reinstall App solved the issue.

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  1. Delete the Roon Remote App.
  2. Reboot iPad.
  3. Re-install Roon Remote from App Store.

Used space by iPad will disappear.

Issue Resolved. Topic is now Closed !!