Why is roon wanting to send the file "kartpostable.tgz"?

Hi. I use Roon at work and our environment includes security measures that prohibit outbound file transfers in most cases. The security people here asked me to explain the file “kartpostable.tgz”. Our analysis is that Roon as attempting to send this file to Amazon AWS. Is there some way to disable this so the security people will leave me alone?


The most important thing is that it contains the publisher IDs for the lyrics you download and information about how often you view those lyrics. We pay licensing costs based on that information. It contains some other information as well, like the capabilities of your OpenGL driver and library statistics.

Thanks Danny. Our system blocks the upload of that file, but I don’t look at lyrics anyway.

Going forward, your engineers maybe should look at some other way to convey this information than file transfer.

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