Why is RoonServer re-adding all my albums to the library after a move? [SOLVED]

Same issue as this Old albums showing as recently added after migrating to a RoonServer Setup

I have just completed a migration of a DB (RoonCore on OSX) to a headless RoonServer on Windows 7. The database scan is treating then as new - re-adding them to the database and losing all my manual edits.

I followed all the instructions for migrating the DB, and the folder name change for Roon -> RoonServer. Stuff like bookmarks and the original DB stats came across.

Could someone please advise me how to resolve this? The stats on the overview page started with the number of albums from the original database import (5771) which implies it’s seeing the original import. It’s now incrementing. I assume this will stop when it shows double the number of albums I actually have.

Everything’s on Build 94.

If I try to play an entry from the old DB it fails, quickly running though the album/playlist. The location of the files has not changed, they are still on sitting on my NAS available from the same share.

Just looking into the logs. Could it be because of the way the two OSes display the path that is making RoonServer think they are different locations?

In OSX the path is smb://QNAP451/Music
In Windows the path is defined as \\QNAP451\Music

It is indeed because of the discrepancy with the paths.

If anyone else is doing a migration across OSes, ensure that you change your path to the the correct format for your target OS when you’re reconfiguring settings in the RoonRemote.

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Could you elaborate on how this is achieved? At present I’m running on Windows headless because I’ve no alternative. When Roon headless for Linux appears I’ll be switching but the paths to the underlying files will be completely different in that windows is pointing to a network share whereas on Linux it’ll be pointing to local folders.

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Yes, it’s simply ensuring you swap the path for the correct notation in the storage setup screen.

What seems to have caused the issue here is that the path syntax for OSX, smb://QNAP451/Music, is enumerable (and therefore reachable) on Windows but for some reason this caused Roon to retain the old database AND rescan it as a new source.