Why is skipping some files and some other not? Please help

Roon Core Machine

I3 8 Gb RAM under W10 for ROON Server
NAS DS218j for my music

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ZTE Router F680 “as is” provided by Internet Supplier
all my staff is under this item

Wi Fi repeater Tp LinkTL-WA850
(only 1 device connected)

Connected Audio Devices

S2 Ultra + DAC Topping10s
Sq Touch
Sq Duet*

under Wi Fi
under repeater*

Number of Tracks in Library

6916 tracks until now :slight_smile:

Description of Issue

This is the actual setup I have with a Project S2 Ultra with a DAC attached

I use to reproduce most of the time my own files, and I am using TIDAL to discover new music / unknown music from known artists. I guess this will be one of top usages I can expect from S2 as per DSD playing.

But now, focusing on the reproduction of my own library, why is skipping files after playing 15%?

No logical reason, as long as some files from the same HD with the same ratio and on the same ubication (folder) are played at 100%

Do you need to warm up and stretch before you start enjoying at 100% the music? see after skipping the first two files, now is playing complete.

Sorry I need to understand

this mistake is really making me nervous

two files skipped at 35%, then I noticed and play again same files

now at 100%

Yesterday I changed buffer from S2 Project to maximum value which is 0,500

I think is the first time I saw this

Further tests has to be done. I do not believe in miracles :slight_smile: