Why is the Overview not consistent with the other views?

So I just found this thread about the inconsistency between Overview and the other views. Okay, I get it, it’s hidden albums.

But why? Why not ignore them consistently between the views? It makes no sense to show different numbers like this, IMHO. At least there should be some sort of indication of why that’s different, and maybe show the same number plus the number with all albums in parentheses or similar. But this is just unnecessarily inconsistent and confusing.

Some views even have two types of search (magnifying glass and filter) whilst others only have one type of search. Each type will sometimes return the same result, sometimes not. I get that each is “technically” searching in a different way but I personally find it very disorienting and confusing.

Are some of the numbers unique counts in some views, so duplicates would reduce the figure in other views? For tracks for example, I have many duplicates of many tunes simply because the wife likes to collect compilations, which have many songs in common.

I’m sure you are right. “Mixes”, “covers” and “arrangements” are also often treated as unique in some contexts but “duplicates” in others.