Why is there no "x" in any dialog pop up to kill it

This could just be my OCD, but I find it weird that no dialog/popup has an ‘x’ to kill the dialog/popup. Isn’t this like the most common user interface feature that everyone is used to?

Are you using Angular or some such framework? Is that the reason?

If its what I think it is you are missing…just click outside the popup and it will close…if not maybe post an example of a window you have an issue with.

On a Windows PC or a Mac yes, but on a phone or tablet no. It is particularly annoying on phones due to the limited amount of background space that you can actually click into.

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On a phone I agree the area is small to click on but its there…and click here or there is still a click…so not really any more difficult really - in fact easier as a X would be a much smaller target than the non window popup area

You are correct @wizardofoz , but the same window-closing feature also allows the window to close inadvertently. In an editing situation this is not good. I’m with you @Goran_Janevski!

I figured it out, but it is unnatural and I am still getting used to it. You know, after 30 years clicking on X’s :slight_smile:

Thank you, @John_V! I thought a whole bunch of guys would jump on this one.

It’s not just Roon, this convention is becoming the new norm. I nowadays try clicking outside first. Good riddance to the “x”!

Actually, it isn’t the x that is the problem, but the excessive rigor of modal dialog boxes that block other things, like when you can’t close an app because it has a dialog box open. Gaah! Whose device is it, mine or some programmer somewhere? And Windows too is getting more and more x-less UI elements. Even Office with the ribbon.

You know when you step into an elevator on the third floor and absentmindedly press 3? The elevator does nothing. If the computer industry had designed that, a sign would have come down from the ceiling saying “Invalid entry”, with OK and Cancel buttons, and an x.

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@John_V, [I know you don’t work for Roon] could we at least get a key shortcut, like Alt-Left Arrow or Alt B or something which has the meaning of “Back”.

I am sayin’ either give us X button or give us a Back button.