Why is this downloaded album unidentified in Roon, yet it’s on Tidal?

I just downloaded the above album from NativeDSD.com and it’s come up as unidentified. Strangely, it is available through Tidal as you can see below:

Even weirder is that when I try to identify it using the option in Roon, Roon cannot find the album even when I type in the title.

The files are in my Nucleus SSD and I haven’t messed around with any tags or file information. The album just finished playing and Roon Radio is now playing 12th century vocal music followed by a track from Beck. Seems something’s not working to plan here…

I have a lot of albums with the same situation, the álbuns exist on Tidal but roon does not find a match.

Hey @Woo

Tidal and Qobuz are our streaming partners but they’re not actually our metadata providers. The info you see in Roon isn’t a 1:1 match with what you’ll see at Tidal/Qobuz.

You can; however, re-identify this album in Roon. You may want to try searching Gabor Varga rather than Gabor Varga Jazz Trio.

  1. Click the ellipsis on the album page
  2. Click edit
  3. Click Identify album
  4. Click the correct album title if it appears (if it doesn’t jump to step 6)
  5. On the next page compare the tracks on your library version to the one in our database
  6. If you don’t see the album you’re looking for click “None of these look right”
  7. Enter the Artist and Album Title in the search window and click the correct album
  8. On the next page compare the tracks on your library version to the one in our database
  9. Click Save
  10. Review the metadata again to ensure you selected the correct version.

That should take care of it!

Sorry Jamie, perhaps I wasn’t clear in my original post. I’d already tried all the things you suggested before making this thread. It just seems that Roon’s metadata provider isn’t perfectly matched to Tidal’s database so Roon can’t identify the album in question. Thanks for trying to help though :+1:

So, the title can be changed to “not resolved”.