Why is this in the TIDAL Classical Genre?

And while we’re in the neighborhood, who or what is passing out the ratings we see?

Just curious. I don’t know the gentleman.


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Hi @John_V!

Roon uses the reviews and ratings provided by AllMusic. In this particular case, it was MATT COLLAR who wrote the review and decided to give the album four stars. Collar is a well-known and highly respected music critic.

In case you haven’t listened to the above album yet, give it a try. IMO Kurt Elling is one of the finest jazz vocalists on the planet. Although “The Questions” is a lot less “jazzy” than the stuff Elling usually does, I think the record is a really great listen. I probably would’ve given it 5 stars… :grinning:

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Yeah I did listen to it, and it was very good; already favorited/favourited. Thanks. His “Passion World” album contains a Brahms piece riff, so that must be the Classical connection.

Now, take a listen to this young lady:

She’s got a nice voice, and she accompanies herself on the bass fiddle! Unusual.

Tell me what you think.


A nice listen, thanks.