Why is Waversa Roon Server not listed in partner list

Has anyone tried Waversa W Core Roon Server? It has been released for over a year. It says it has Roon Core server built in, but I can’t find the brand anywhere in Roon’s partner list. What’s the problem?

I wonder if Roon are aware? Are they an official Roon partner. @support

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Hi @Timmy_Chen ---- I just wanted to touch base with you here because I inquired about Waversa with the team and I have gotten confirmation that they are indeed a Roon partner.


I found a roon core product from Waversa Systems, it’s an Intel i3 based server with SSD installed, seems to be a good option to replace Synology NAS.
But I cannot find Waversa in roon partner list, anyone knows about it? Thanks.

Hi Bryan,

I moved your post to this thread.

Cheers, Greg

Answered in the post above yours, yes they are indeed a Roon partner and have an interesting product line.

Waversa Systems has focused their product line over in Asia and the high demand there has far outpaced production. If consumers are patient, products are available in North America on a per order basis and included in future production runs. I do have a Wcore you can demo, if interested. Email: info@waversanorthamerica.com.