Why isnt all customer service this good-Hegel

I have owned a Hegel H160 Amp since almost the point it was released. It started out as an audition from Igloo Audio (Another example of great customer service-Peter) and I have thorughly enjoyed what it does, the versatility, depth, warmth and ascetic appeal.
The only downside was that despite having my kit in a room shaded from direct sunlight, the aluminium control knobs had faded from black to a very dark khaki green/grey hue. I emailed Hegel and Fredrik replied swiftly requesting photos, which I duly supplied.
Following some discussions and offers of getting my amp supplier to fit them, so that is a jouney from Hampsire to Kent just to affix two knobs, I requested they be sent to me.
I assured them that i could undo the two allen screws and replace myself.
My knobs are on their way from Norway and Im feeling a warm customer service feeling.
Well done Hegel and Fredrik.


Now if you can get them to support Roon properly, we’ll all be in heaven :slight_smile:


Their video they have up on ‘How to use Roon’ basically talks about connecting the Amp to the computer via USB… I think they missed the entire point. :slight_smile:

How about you explain that, because I think, no, I know i have missed your point

It’s currently not possible for their inetgrated, networked amps, to operate as a Roon end point using RAAT.
When they post a video titled “Using H590 with Roon” that turns out to be about connecting a £9000 integrated amp to a computer in order to use volume control, it tells me they have completely missed the point of Roon.
It does not give me much confidence that they are actually going to implement Roon properly on their kit.

The Hegel is not a Roon endpoint, in the way the Naim Uniti series or the Devialet are. You can certainly connect a computer to their USB port and use Roon, but that is pretty self-defeatist, People mainly buy these ‘one-box’ players (DAC/preamp/amp and in some cases internet radio) in order to avoid multiple boxes in their living room, associated cabling and costs.

I’m hoping that the H360 successor (H390 ?) will support Roon properly, otherwise I might have to go to a Devialet or Naim depending whether I end up with panels/electrostats or not.

Apparently, both the 190 and the 590 will be “Roon Ready” at some point, and I suspect that the 360 will be replaced by a “390” which would also be Roon Ready eventually. Just don’t know when, or if, their view of Roon integration is anything more than plug in via USB and control via the Roon app in various ways - but not RAAT.

The Hegel was a precursor to my subscription to ROON and I would not, If I could go back and change a thing, the Amp is sublime. If you dont like Hegel or their video or ROON connectivity, then dont watch or buy.
For your info, ROON is available to me in the form of a Nucleus, which was also a clear long term committment to music with Hegel and ROON.
Maybe you could also comment on the facr I have an Innuos zen mk2 as a music server and ROON library?
Im happy and merely wanted to convey customer satisfaction, why the negativity?

I am very happy for you.

Such sarcasm should carry a warning, so here you go.sarcasm


Seriously, though… it seems they are definitely working on roon…from a youtube response…

“Understand, and hope we can bring good news in time :)”

I like the Hegel sound and am interested in buying, but only when they have RAAT.

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Ditto - same here. I hope they hurry up as I’ll be buying something in a few months.

Hmmm… I just found out they are made in China.
On the back of their kit they just say “Hegel, Oslo Norway”.
Now I have to think about that, because there will be exactly the same kit made in the Chinese factory for 1/2 the price, no doubt.
I am not sure if they get all the units back to Oslo for QC and soak testing or whether distribution is direct from China to dealers.
Pretty disappointing that they are not up front about where they are manufactured.

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I think that anyone who acts prejudiced about audio equipment made in China is being completely naive and myopic. So you’ll make life-affecting decisions using results from MRI machines and other medical equipment made in China, but you won’t listen to the latest CD on an amp made in China? You’ll plug in a toaster - which if made improperly could burn your house down - that was made in China, but you can’t enjoy your music of choice on speakers made in China? Please, give me a break. There’s a good chance the transformer that your local utility company is using to produce the energy that is powering your audio system was made in China - what are you going to do, get a team of hamsters to spin a wheel and provide the power instead? If you want to be anti-Chinese-made products, you better get ready to go live in a cave.
Stop being Rascist and naive, behaviours that I personally dislike and should not be aired on here.
As I said before, dont judge a book by its cover, you dont own any Hegel products and you probably have not auditioned many, if any, so dont comment until you have.

Chinese manufacturing standards vary. I have a number of bits of Chinese gear. My preamp, a 2014 Doge 8 is very well built.

I use Chinese tubes in my Manley Snappers. Psvane 6CA7. The early manufacturing runs were excellent but I recently had a couple of duds.

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Anti Chinese bias with no grounds other than assumption is not a logical basis to voice opinion and I consider this a particularly unpleasant rascist remark from jayrammusic.

I am not adverse to buying Chinese audio products, but I expect to pay less for them and have less expectation that they will last a long time.

The Hegel I am auditioning this week will need to sound fantastic for me to buy it - given it is 4 times the price of a similarly specified Audio-gd product also made in China (minus the Sound Engine technology).

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Moderators have left posts up in this thread as we didn’t feel that they infringed guidelines. It is possible to have a view about quality control in China without being racist. It is also possible to talk about the comparative value of manufacturing in China and whether the prices charged by European manufacturers continue to be justified if they have reduced their costs in that way.

Historically China was renowned for its goods. Remember the old Arabic saying “Wisdom has alighted upon three things: the brain of the Franks (Greeks), the hand of the Chinese and the tongue of the Arab”. I think we are seeing a return to Chinese quality, in much the same way as the perception of Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean electronics has changed in our lifetimes.

So try to remember that generalisations can cause offence, even if it is unintended, and keep the conversation about the gear and the ideas, not each other.


That’s the key point for me. Hegel’s top of the range integrated is approaching 5 figures. Given that an audio-gd master 10 integrated is £3k and is actually built like the preverbial brick …, that price difference places a lot of emphasis on the Sound Engine technology and whether the Hegel’s are built to the same standard (at a minimum).

Given that this thread started with :

…I am not that confident.

The other point is that Hegel actually stamp their products with ‘Oslo, Norway’ on the back. That’s legal, so no problem there (although they are close to the wire for US import regulations) , but it most certainly will be misleading to buyers. It’s not just Hegel, Primare do the same - although they are a little more clear with their ‘Designed in Sweden’ stamp.

I’ll be checking things like panel quality as well as sound when I test. I’ve had a look at the internals (only via pics) and the attention to detail leaves a fair bit to be desired.

Im an owner and from my standpoint it is a well made product at a good price point, with absolutely great sonic characteristics.
As for the knobs, well every OEM has supply issues or quality short falls, the fact Hegel positively responeded is key here.
As one of the lead Engineers on the HMS Queen Elizabeth through life support programme, I am only too aware of Quality, supply and manufacturing issues that come with any entity and I was merely here to spread the good word regarding Hegel customer support and not to be subjected to views and assumptions by folk who dont own the kit.
Stick to the facts guys.