Why isn't roon identifying complete albums that (with intervention) it seems to know?

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Many albums seem to be identified properly, but many are in this form in my library (notice “Introducing Wayne Shorter”):

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?

Local files

Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

Some albums need real help (like there is a missing track, or the track play times don’t match what roon thinks) but many others seem to match perfectly. So I can go through and find each one that isn’t identified and tell roon what to do. But for these ones that match perfectly is there a way to have roon try again and get the match automatically?

Here I select the album:

Then “identify album”:

Then Select the top one (always the case with these missed exact matches).
All the tracks are exact matches to roon’s idea:

And finally the album is properly identified:


Any ideas?!

Have you tried selecting all the “Unidentified” albums as a batch, and then clicked on “Edit” (in the “3 dots” menu at the top of the screen, followed by clicking on “Re-identify albums”?

Use Focus in your Album browser to first select “Identified” in the Inspector column, then click on the purple “Identified” button to turn it red (negative, i.e. “Unidentified”) - this selects all your unidentified albums at once…

Thanks for the idea. Didn’t know about inverting the focus selection!
Unfortunately doesn’t seem to have made a difference. My library before and after has 7292 albums unidentified of 17171 albums.
Oddly quite a few of the “unidentified” ones seem to be identified - have album cover art for example.

Is not an indication of an identified album necessarily.

Can’t help noticing that Macy Gray’s Stripped is showing as unidentified for you. It is definitely known to Roon:

Yah as mentioned roon seems to “know” lots of these, but needs a manual kick from me to identify each one…

@support any ideas?

I think it’s failing because all of your tracks in the Wayne Shorter album have track number = 0.

Ouch, looks like I have a lot of editing to do.
No change of a change to roon that will ignore track numbers if everything else matches?


I’m afraid that it’s extremely unlikely @Peter_Galvin1.

OK thanks for the information.

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