Why Isn't Sonic Analysis Stored Somewhere?

It seems like anything that takes a significant amount of processing power ought to be stored so that it doesn’t have to be repeated.

Like ReplayGain tags can be stored in the music files.

It is stored in your database (unless Roon have changed this recently).

If it is, it doesn’t reload when you Restore a database. Every time I do that, it has to re-analyze every single file. It takes a long time for 350k files, and slows everything to the point where Roon is not usable until it’s finished. Takes ~48 (more, maybe) hours on a SonicTransporter i5/16GB.

It should have to identify your tracks but once it knows what they are it should link to previous analysis. If it is doing them all again you seem to have a problem.

My experience is the same as @Henry_McLeod’s. Up and running pretty quickly after restoring the database… unless there’s a regression, as I haven’t done this in a month or two.

Something is wrong here then.
I literally did a full restore last night after a massive power outage/ spike wiped the majority of my electronics out.
The Antipodes server survived but had to reload the Roon Server software so it was like a fresh install.
As soon as my latest backup was restored that was it, no analysis was required.
228k tracks.

Yep, definitely something amiss there. I’ve done loads of restores over the years and none of them have ever triggered a rerun of the audio analysis.

Interesting. I’ve had this happen every single time I’ve restored, on both Mac and SonicTransporter. I think that’s twice on each OS. Most recently on ST, the day before yesterday.
Up until fairly recently, Restores just failed.

Thanks for the feedback.

I’m trying it again now, since the latest update killed my RoonServer installation.

This doesn’t sound good to me: you shouldn’t need to restore from backup that often, and certainly not after an update. I wonder if your hardware is starting to fail.

Brand new hardware, so I hope not.

I hope not for you too. Maybe open a support ticket and ask Roon staff to take a look at the logs.

I’ve done that, thank you.

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Yes, even with a current backup, Restore is triggering a re-analysis for all files.

I just restored a recent backup after a power outage today. I saw a re-analysis as well although it wasn’t all files, strangely, just a small subset.

If I were you I’d break the link and kill your database and do a completely new analysis. If what is happening continues you don’t really have anything to lose. Then only use backups generated by this newest analysis.

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I did that already when I switched core machines. Thanks for the suggestion, though.