Why isn't there a manual or user guide?

Every time I use Roon I have difficulty. Maybe it’s me, but none of the clickable options are intuitive or work the way I expect.

Why isn’t there a PDF manual? It wouldn’t answer all my questions but it would help.

Have you seen this?

Getting started thread

It might get some of your questions answered. Otherwise just ask, enough roonies around to help.

Also: the FAQ section of these boards covers most of the ground a manual would.

I think the pace of change is pretty fast at the moment and most resources are going into that. I believe a more structured arrangement of helpful information is in progress. However, as far as ‘intuitive’ goes, that really does depend on how your brain works and where you’re coming from in terms of previous experience of things. For every person who finds it easy, another will find it frustrating.

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