Why it is so important to compare HiRes albums for sale online!

Was looking at what new releases was offered on Highresaudio and came across this offering which caught my eye.

I then went into the info section and this got my attention.

As I like to compare prices then went to HDtracks who only offer this title at 96/24 and considerably more at £40.50 ( All three album cost £121.50 ) as apposed to £24 from Highresaudio ( All three album cost £96 ). Cannot help wondering if sometimes we can have the Mickey taken out of us for our dedication to purchasing music?. to be honest I tend to believe the Highresaudio statement. I am not saying that HDtracks are misleading us, Perhaps just being economical with the truth. Anyways I am tempted as I am a sucker for anything original Woodstock.


As a sucker for all things Woodstock, have you got this…

I found it in a charity shop for a couple of quid and Meridian upsampled it for me as I play… Bargain… :sunglasses:

I have purchased the 96kHz/24-bit download from Qobuz. As explained already on the AudioplhileStyle forum [https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/56688-woodstock-50-back-to-the-garden-anniversary-experience-download/], I see no reason to doubt that the format offered by Qobuz is really 96kHz.
I checked using MusicScope application, and the music information is present just up to 48kHz (as it should be for a 96kHz file.

As a reference, I did the same for a track of Alice Phoebe Lou, which has a format of 48kHz

And last but not least, here is the image for the same 48kHz track, upsampled to 96kHz. You can see there’s no music information above 24kHz.


Is this the same content? If so, note the price.

Generally speaking, I usually find Amazon to be the cheapest of all places to buy music, no subscriptions needed.

No, that’s not the right one.

The equivalent at Amazon costs 114,80$


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All I can conclude from these replies is pricing of different formats can be confusing or perhaps I am getting old :grinning:.

Such a fool :woozy_face:, Did not check out Qobuz and a Sublime+ subscriber too. Will give it a listen. Will also check out the Joe Cocker album.

Hi Terry
The ‘technical’ quality of the format , provide high-fidelity of the ‘challenged’ playing & recording equipment at Woodstock. I.e. in a lot of tracks you hear the amplifiers hum severely (Melanie as an example).
It is excellent to taste what Woodstock was/is all about.

Have fun


I always compare prices of hi-res downloads at the different sites (findhdmusic.com also helps); price differences of 100% (like $10 vs $20) for the same download are not uncommon, and even smaller but significant price differences are also common.
Qobuz Sublime+ aslo gives a large discount on download purchases, often from 40-60% vs buying the download directly from Qobuz or one of the other sites. Just now I got an album for $7.99 that way that was $14.50 at HDT WITH a 20% off discount code.

I trust HiResAudio, too. But it isn’t for sure that distributors are distributing the same version in different countries. It’s happened before.