Why it's so important to be able to edit/write additional Bio's and Reviews

(J. V.) #42

yes please! extra vote for this

i have several bio’s which are incorrect, because linked to the wrong artist with same name :frowning:

i also want to incorporate reviews of albums of other sources…

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #43

Hybrid of topic from another thread: if Roon ever goes out of business, the software would be much more useful from and after that point if the service-provided data could be replaced manually. So being able to edit these areas would be key.


Here are related items I would like to edit

ARTIST Bio - fixing is most interesting, adding is conceptually good but not a focus at the moment for me. I would like to add more internet LINKS. Some have Wikipedia which I really like. I would add more of these links plus links to some of the wonderful fan pages with exhaustive discographies and other items.

ALBUM review - I would like to add my comments about an album and could add reviews from other sources. I would like to put comments about best pressings/masterings.

VERSION - I would like to have a comment field beyond the one line VERSION (which I love) that is unique to that version (i.e. comments on the item). I use the comments tag which is visible with some clicks.

PICTURES - Love full booklet photos from Discogs. I add my pics today but if there was Discogs ID then perhaps those pics and additional version notes could be autopopulated. I love my Discogs inventory because I can see pics of the version and notes about that specific version.

(chander nagor) #45

After this “streaming” 1.6 patch, can we have a final statement about this? Just tell us, if so, why Roon will never ever let us edit these tags…

Or just tell us that Roon is strictly reserved for the english speaking community and we could never replace these AMG reviews with our own reviews in french, german, spanish, etc.


(Philip Stillman) #46

I have a huge number of bootleg live concerts, especially Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. In Plex, i have extensive liner notes and concert reviews of these albums. If Plex – a free program – can do it, there is no excuse for Roon not to incorporate such a fundamental feature into its software, which is the most expensive media server on the market. Get with the program!


Hi Philip, I am cautiously optimistic that no news is good news in this regard and that Roon is beavering away at implementing now a range of long standing known bugs, halfbaked implementations and really wanted relatively easy implentations. There are several…

The editing of reviews and bios
The fix of the … bug when exporting (ie albums with … in their names don’t get exported)
For me, at least, the use of a weird filename for the embedded picture file which makes display of exported files on portable devices not possible for the most part

And so on…

I’ll create a main thread for this. Givem food for thought!

(KMP14) #48

I have ranted about this before, but what the heck, will be fun to do it again:

I find it really annoying, when enjoying one of my favorite albums, that I find myself reading a negative “review” from some rando from All Music or wherever. Let us tweak!

(Henrik Richter Schie) #49

I feel that with every “huge” update they keep adding stuff, but they don’t really address the issues we have all been asking for now for years, even though they claim it’s on the longer roadmap. Of course I love that you can now actually search and find the music you are looking for in Roon after 1.6, but please start focusing on your metadata providers! Discogs would be a great place to start.